Hundreds of projects for more than 200 companies in 13 countries

Since our inception, we have grown into a recognized innovation center for data analytics and business intelligence (BI) with a global reach. Our offices can be found in Bratislava, Prague, Pardubice, and Sydney.

We offer end-to-end data analytics, integration and management solutions and can help you with everything around your data. We build our solutions on Qlik technology as well as others innovative tools such as Jedox (planning), RoxAI (alerting) and more. We invest a lot of energy and resources into building a strong partner network. One of our strongest partners is Inphinity, with its first online SaaS data analytics app store, offering number of our data analytic apps. Check them out – you can use it within minutes from now. We have worked for more than 200 companies of different sizes in 13 countries. In 2018 EMARK earned Qlik Master Reseller status for Slovakia, Czechia and Hungary, what is the highest level of partnership with Qlik.EMARK MR Twitter 900x450 px - About EMARK

EMARK’s backbone is 60 experts who are ready to help you with every aspect of Qlik’s solutions. That is also one of the main reasons why we hold several official Qlik certifications, granted to partners with the highest level of services. In example in the area of technology and development of the Qlik platform (Qlik Technology partner), in the field of education (Qlik Education Partner) or development of further Qlik partnerships and support (Qlik OEM Referral and Support Partner). We have also earned various badges and recognitions what confirms our industry or technical expertise in Qlik and data analytics. In 2015 we have been awarded the Qlik Partner of Excellence for the development of Qlik solutions and quality of our service as the only partner in Central and Eastern Europe.

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We are enthusiastic innovators and first to introduce the latest data analytics technologies to the market.


We have a tangible experience with data analytics and business intelligence.


We understand your business and the field you operate in.


We are the only Qlik focused partner in the region with largest team of Qlik experts.


We are authorized to build our own Qlik partner network.


Our dedicated support teams will sort out every issue you might have.

Lots of options

Wide range of pricing and partner models to choose from.

Focused on results

We help increase revenues, improve cash flow, save time, achieve fast ROI.

Satisfied customers

EMARK is a company that highly cherishes moral values, partnerships and ethics. We are enthusiastic about working on meaningful projects and helping clients grow and achieve their goals. We have more than 200 satisfied customers under our belt - small and medium-sized companies to large corporations. In addition to Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Australia, we provide our services also to other countries, such as Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, France and the like.

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Growing network of partners

As a Qlik Master Reseller, we have signed several partnerships in Slovakia, Czechia, and Hungary, such as Adastra (SK), Komix (CZ), T-Systems (HU), Nextent (HU) etc. We have the status of Qlik OEM Referral Partner as the only one in the region – we are entitled to create and support OEM partners who use Qlik as part of their solutions, as for example Asseco Solutions. Additionally, we work closely with consulting companies, system integrators, solution providers, and tech companies, supporting mutual goals.

Visit Inphinity.app
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One of our most recent and strong partners is Inphinity, the first online SaaS data analytics app store. Check our innovative apps you can use within minutes from now.

Visit Inphinity.app

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