EMARK: 22 years of experience and expertise

EMARK is a data analytics and digital transformation advisory
company, helping people to get more value from their data.

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End-to-end data

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22 years of data analysis

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Bratislava – Praha – Pardubice – Sydney

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50+ experts on Qlik technologies

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200+ customers across the globe

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Data analytics opinion leader

Hundreds of projects for more than
200 companies in 13 countries

EMARK is a data analytics and digital transformation advisory company, helping people to get more value from their data. Over the past 22 years, we have guided more than 200 businesses and enterprises around the world in building, adopting, and maintaining their data solutions. We deeply focus on proven technologies – Qlik, Snowflake, Inphinity, and others.

Our drive and passion for data-driven solutions resulted in being officially named a Qlik Master Reseller in Slovakia, Czechia, and Hungary, and a Qlik Solutions Provider in Australia. Our team of more than 50 specialists loves to address every data challenge because we believe in data helping to drive better decisions.

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Our Partners

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Data analysis & Visualization

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Big data analysis

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Data integration & Governance

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Data intelligence

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Data analysis & Visualization

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Planning, budgeting, and forecasting

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Selected references

  • All
  • Banking
  • E-commerce
  • Financial services
  • HR
  • Insurance
  • Leasing
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Planning
  • Retail
  • Stock management
  • Stress testing
  • Technology

priklad 300x231 - About EMARK

See how UniCredit Leasing handles their cash flow in time of covid crisis. Data in the spotlight.

modelgroupweb 300x231 - About EMARK

Experiences with Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS on SAP ERP without necessity to connect SAP BW, where all the data are located

chemosvitweb 300x231 - About EMARK

Digital transformation story of the company that decided to digitalize its business and now is taking the first steps.

saturweb 300x231 - About EMARK

Listen to the podcast about how SATUR Travel, a renowned Slovak tour operator, uses Qlik data analytics on evaluation of marketing data.

2n vac 300x231 - About EMARK

How data analytics is helping finance controlling in 2N Telekomunikace and Vacuumschmelze in difficult pandemic times

webalbert 300x231 - About EMARK

How data helped to handle the pandemic related situation in one of the TOP retail chains in Czechia

webfoxcon 300x231 - About EMARK

We will take a closer look at material planning and related processes in Foxconn in Czechia.

webahold 300x231 - About EMARK

See how data helped to manage the covid situation in a leading Czech retail chain.

allianceweb 300x231 - About EMARK

Parametrization of material inventory in the warehouse, the process of planning investment purchases and evaluation of employee KPI fulfillment

priklad 300x231 - About EMARK

UniCredit Leasing dominated Stress Testing thanks to data technology

gefcoweb 300x231 - About EMARK

Learn how Gefco Slovakia is dealing with the covid situation in HR

selierweb 300x231 - About EMARK

Sales and finance planning with Qlik.

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20 % less people handles 4 times higher complexity of reports.

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6 hour reports ready in 15 minutes

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Superfast analysis and reporting with Qlik Sense

webahold 300x231 - About EMARK

Retail and coronacrisis: Data will help you stand up and grow.

gefcoweb 300x231 - About EMARK

From time consuming reports to systematic integration of valuable data

alpehagalekarnaweb 300x231 - About EMARK

Qlik helps to manage 280 stores in Alphega pharmacies chain

saturweb 300x231 - About EMARK

All the important insights in just a few clicks away

csobleasingweb 300x231 - About EMARK

From the Stone Age to the Modern Times in a few months

coopweb 300x231 - About EMARK

Comfortable handling of hundreds of millions of records just in as little as a few clicks

martinusweb 300x231 - About EMARK

Detailed sales insights in two clicks

unionweb 300x231 - About EMARK

64 KPIs evaluated in a record time

zunoweb 300x231 - About EMARK

Qlik increased the speed and effectivenes of loan approvals

aco 300x231 - About EMARK

How to get a full grasp of production company

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Forms Smooth budget planning in Inphinity Forms

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