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Digital transformation, Industry & Functional expertise

We offer unique data expertise inspired by two decades of projects, satisfied needs, resolved inefficiencies and unblocked bottlenecks. This history and experiences are forged into the set of Industry, Functional and Digital Transformation solutions, so we can cover any data-related issue or need you might have – from handy apps to complex digitalization or data governance initiatives. Here is a tasting menu of what we can help you with.

Solutions - Emarkanalytics

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Industry solutions

Solutions - EmarkanalyticsRetail and distribution

We combine the best of the BI world with our rich experience in the area of retail and distribution. We blend the best of the BI world with our rich experience in retail.

Solutions - EmarkanalyticsFinance instutions

Solutions tailormade for banks, insurance and leasing companies. We blend the best of the BI world with our rich experience

Solutions - EmarkanalyticsManufacturing

Our rich manufacturing experiences transformed to unique added value. Bolster your business with our rich experiences from the manufacturing area.

Solutions - EmarkanalyticsEnergy & utilities

Explore how can energy & utility companies transform data into business results. Maximize assets, optimize supply chain, reduce costs.

Solutions - EmarkanalyticsFunctional

Check out our advanced analytics solutions covering a full spectrum of business analytics use cases.

Solutions - Emarkanalytics

Digital Transformation initiatives

Our offering aims to improve a company’s ability to achieve expected results for Digital Transformation initiatives through improving the workforce’s ability to execute them.

Functional solutions

Solutions - EmarkanalyticsPlanning, Budgeting & Forecasting

How we transform planning workflows to no-pain business critical processes

Solutions - EmarkanalyticsData analytics for CFOs & Controlling

Unlock your data. Get superfast insights. Set actions.

Solutions - EmarkanalyticsData analytics for sales controlling

Super-fast insights for sales. Drive productivity ffectively, grow revenue and reduce risk.

Solutions - EmarkanalyticsSmart workforce management

Improve productivity of your teams – online, onsite or remote.

Solutions - EmarkanalyticsMaterial availability & production planning

How to reach smooth logistics and production without down-time?

Solutions - EmarkanalyticsMarketing analytics

Boost marketing ROI through better targeting and campaign performance.

Solutions - EmarkanalyticsEmark GDPR & privacy solutions

We can effectively help you in seven areas of data protection.

Examples of some tangible results

  • 150 reports created including a data warehouse for over 100 users in 4 months (in a renowned financial organization with about 250 employees)
  • Processing 400 million records – marketing and business analyses with a record response time – in milliseconds (for a renowned business with dozens of sales points in the Slovak Republic)
  • ROI of the implemented Business Intelligence solution within 4 months – support business and financial management (renowned holding of 14 service providers)
  • Quicker preparation of meetings (1 day instead of 3 weeks)
  • Deployment of a well-working MIS solution within 1 week (in a company with 200 employees)
  • Proven revenue growth (by tens of percent) thanks to better marketing strategies
  • Save 27% of purchase costs (total annual savings of tens of thousands of euros)
  • Reducing the debt by approx. 30 %
  • More benefits and stories can be found in our case studies

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