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There is a thin line between success and failure in a highly competitive world of financial services. One of the key differentiators with direct influence on revenue is ability to utilize vast amounts of data financial institutions are generating every moment.

Discover the state-of-the-art technology that makes the world of banking, insurance, leasing and financial services go round. Explore the latest data analytics advancements that will help you not only keep the pace with the ever changing environment, but eventually become a leading force of the change. Stay compliant with regulations, know every little detail about your customer and use it to find new revenue streams. Make smart decisions and optimize the risk.

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Finance - Emarkanalytics

Analytics everywhere

Did you know that analytics is today available literally for everyone? Welcome to the world, where product managers see in real time which products account for largest profit; where risk managers are able to evaluate risks and reliably detect problem loans; where finance and economic managers immediately find out which products has fastest ROI with lowest risk; where TOP management has perfect control over the entire business. Moreover, technology offer total cost control in finances, effective management of risks or compliance with regulatory rules. Does it sound good? Read more below…

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for financial services?


Banking is at an inflection ­point. Disruptive regulation and fintech innovation are accelerating change. Open banking means that banks need better information about their customers than ever before.

Qlik’s data analytics help banks to make more competitive risk decisions, create first-class customer experiences and solve a range of use ­cases from credit and market risk through to embedded analytics using open API’s.

Finance - Emarkanalytics
Finance - Emarkanalytics


We have a long-year track record in delivering data analytics for leasing companies. Similarly to banking and insurance segments, leasing is an extremely dynamic segment.

To maintain its performance and balance growth it requires strict control of numerous factors. Without smart data analytics solutions is impossible to keep up with the competitions, not to mention to become a leader.


Without access to accurate data, insurers often make decisions based on gut instinct or intuition – creating compliance issues and missing opportunities.

Using Qlik’s powerful data analysis engine, insurance firms can remove the uncertainty and see needed insights quickly. Find out more.

Finance - Emarkanalytics

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