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EMARK solutions tailormade for banking

We have prepared specialized solutions built on the cutting-edge BI technologies that will revolutionize the way you work. Finely tuned apps for the banking sector will help you boost sales of bank products using up-selling or cross-selling. Our solutions reliably identify risk loans and help you estimate and manage credit risk more precisely.

Other apps will allow you to discover a very effective way of modelling loans and debt repayment calendars. Our technology will help you discover and deal with the interest rate risks associated with the Basel III directive. More efficient scoring of clients means lower costs. Advanced analyses and statistics can be entrusted to the application that integrates Qlik and the statistical tool R.

A few happy clients from the area of financial services

Which processes in banking can we cover?

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Executive management

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Core banking

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Digital marketing

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Risk Management

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Human Resources

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Quality Management

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Project Management

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Information Technology

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Branch Management

Measure your success

Important insights into how bank and its components performs provide KPI metrics. We will help you to watch them. Monitor what’s contributing to your profit and what’s not. Strictly measured KPIs will provide you detailed and always handy overview on performance of your bank, your branches, departments, employees, products, customer groups… See the direct link between particular elements of your business and revenue, so you can make flawless strategic decisions on everything you can think of.

What KPIs we can help you with?

What use cases we can help you with?

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Credit Risk Analytics - questions

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Customer analysis and targeting

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