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License support for Qlik and other resold products

Basic support

Included in the price of valid license maintenance or valid license subscription

  • access to installation files of new versions, patches or service releases of purchased software solutions
  • possibility to purchase more licenses according to the valid terms and conditions, as well as actual pricelist or according to the terms agreed in the mutual agreement
  • Qlik product incidents support by EMARK COG or escalated by us to Qlik Support.
  • Inphinity product incidents support by EMARK COG or escalated by us to Inphinity Support.

Incident Levels and Initial Response Times

  • Critical (Severity 1) – business critical (revenue generating) sales or operational applications are unavailable. Reported only by telephone. The initial response time from EMARK COG is 2 business hours.
  • Major (Severity 2) – users are unable to access or use the software or the overall performance is severely degraded (and is not a critical incident). Reported only by telephone. The initial response time from EMARK COG is 4 business hours.
  • Moderate (Severity 3) – user experience is negatively affected (and is not a major or critical incident). Reported by telephone, email or Support Portal. The initial response time from EMARK COG is 8 business hours.

Additional customer operations support from EMARK

Included in the price of valid license maintenance or valid license subscription

  • unified contact via or +421 940 644 454
  • regular sharing of news and tested versions of Qlik products (in form of newsletter, meetup, presales meeting or other)
  • download of latest tested versions of key Qlik products through
  • installation / upgrade checklist for Qlik Sense on Windows for Qlik site setup verification – available here
  • engine health-check app that can be used for availability and performance monitoring of Qlik Sense site – read more
  • local expert support in architecture, performance, scalability, security and licence terms and conditions by a renowned partner with 100+ single and multi-node deployments. Includes activities such as:
    • tracking of incident or request in Service Desk (includes response, reaction and resolution time tracking)
    • recommendation of a possible solution or workaround from initial analysis
    • cooperation with vendor’s support team on solving complex issues or technical problems
    • investigating the environment, problem description, and logs collection in order to save customer’s time during the cooperation with the vendor
    • proactive request for or investigation of (in case of remote access) additional information for more detailed analysis of the incident
    • proposing a long-term solution, if necessary
    • reporting of software bugs to the vendor

VIP customer support from EMARK

Provided free of charge for VIP customers (higher financial volume of purchased or subscribed licenses).

  • individual agreement on the method of communication with the customer’s support team
  • software usage and performance analysis utilizing official monitoring tools, revision of environment setup and communication of recommendations by experienced EMARK architect at least 1x per 6 months
  • prioritization of VIP customer issues in EMARK Service Desk backlog
  • response frequency at least 1x per 2 business days

Comfort and extra support

Available as an on-time paid service or an SLA contract with regard to the needs and expectations of your company.

  • Installation, upgrade or migration support
  • Site scalability diagnostics
  • Qlik apps performance diagnostics
  • Architecture design and multi-node setup
  • Qlik site health-check
  • Keeping records about sites and environment setup
  • Risk and impact analysis before upgrade
  • Implementation of proposed solutions or workarounds that were identified during the incident resolution

All the listed activities are performed with commercially reasonable effort. This scope of license support is valid from 1.4.2020.

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