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EMARK solutions for retail, wholesale and distribution

The recipe for success in today’s fast-changing world of retail, wholesale and distribution is hidden in data. Data grow at a rocket speed with every purchase, every click in an e-shop or newsletter, every activity of a seller or with any change in the price of products. To improve sales, increase profits or strengthen loyalty it is important to use critical business data as frequently as possible. That is why we use analytical and reporting tools that enable us to deliver quick answers regardless of the amount of data, the IT environment, and user’s equipment.

Imagine that you are working in a world where business managers have an immediate access to up-to-date information on products, sales, customer preferences, overview of their e-shop’s activities, brick-and-mortar store, branch… You can tell in a real time what will happen in the next few hours, days and even months – how changes in margin or price will be reflected in sales.

Marketers implement successful targeted lead generation campaigns based on hard data from customer cards and shopping patterns. Businesses thus meet their goals and are able to solve problems even before they can happen.

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Areas where you can use EMARK solutions for retail, wholesale and distribution


Product management




Human resources

Information technologies

Top management


We can help you improve up-selling, cross-selling and speed up your sales. We can optimize your distribution network so key products are available during the peak shopping season and discount periods alike.

Our solutions will improve your customer loyalty by aligning targeted customer campaigns with customer preferences. We will show you how to implement effective revenue forecasting and run simulations of the impact of margin and pricing changes on revenues using what-if analyses.

We will also help streamline the decision-making process and introduce instant sales analyses based on various parameters. You can analyze your products, segments, locations, performance or KPI in a few clicks without the need to contact IT support.

Retail - Emarkanalytics
Retail - Emarkanalytics


We will show you how to find out which campaigns are boosting visits to the sales page. We will answer the toughest questions like what channels your customers use to visit your website and how much they spend. Our quick solutions reveal the most profitable customers as well as probably the most important information – who to target with the upsell campaign.

We can help you implement the system of immediate evaluation of your marketing campaigns and optimize your campaigns if they do not meet the goals. EMARK solutions help you achieve greater effectiveness of promotions and campaigns by targeting right customers and right channels. You’ll also get the most out of your Internet data (social networks, website, ads).

Product management

Do you know which product associations make the highest profit and increase sales? Would you like to know how to customize your assortment to suit your customers‘ needs?

Our solutions will help you not only get acquainted with the above but also identify which products are the most profitable and which are hard to sell. Our solutions will even tell you when it is the right time to change your product range.

Retail - Emarkanalytics

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