A data-driven approach to Industry 4.0

Transform your business with faster, fact-based decisions. Qlik helps manufacturing organizations use data to optimize processes, improve supply chain agility, and better serve the modern customer.

Digitalization creates a step-change opportunity for operational improvement and innovation

Industry 4.0 and IoT deliver the machine and product performance that manufacturers need to improve operations. Qlik ensures faster time-to-value and streamlined processes by surfacing highly accurate and groundbreaking insights across the entire product lifecycle.

Better understand Plant Operations screenshot - A data-driven approach to Industry 4.0

Better understand
plant operations

Visualize actuals versus standards for all your critical KPIs. Qlik analyzes every data source, from production yields and scrap percentages per completed order, to machine runtime and work order volume.

BMW Group Success Story logo - A data-driven approach to Industry 4.0

Leverage IoT data to continuously innovate

BMW Group uses Qlik to harness their machine-generated data. Whether that data comes from paint-spraying robots on the factory floor or diagnostic outputs from cars being serviced, BMW Group now has the insights they need to develop future “customer-valuable processes.”

WD40 - A data-driven approach to Industry 4.0

Sense and respond to shifts in demand in real-time

By leveraging point-of-sale data via self-service analytics, WD-40 uses Qlik to improve real-time demand-sensing accuracy and increase visibility into customer trends and proactively respond to competitive pressures.

Volvo Motherwell uses Qlik

“We use Qlik in every functional area of our company. It drives product improvement, which increases customer satisfaction and ultimately that brings cost benefits to the business”

Scott Motion, IT Service Delivery Lead, Volvo CE

Top 10 Transformative Analytics Scenarios in Manufacturing

Today’s leading manufacturers rely on Qlik for their data analytics and insights. Read this eBook to learn more about the ways Qlik helps manufacturers transform their raw data into actionable insights.

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