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Qlik Sense: Discover the future of data analytics

Imagine a company in which the answers to complex questions are always just a few clicks away and available to anyone. Welcome to the world of Qlik Sense. This tool is closer to the user than ever before. It can be used literally by anyone. Anyone who can work with Excel can now rely on its speed and broad functionality. It’s suitable for laptops, tablets, even smartphones. Qlik Sense loves to process large volumes of data and delivers results within seconds.

Key features of Qlik Sense

Speed, performance, reliability

Boost your business using brutal analytical power thanks to state-of-the-art technologies such as associative data model and in memory engine.

Self-service business intelligence

You no longer have to ask the IT department for new analyses or reports. Even casual PC users can work with Qlik Sense. We call it “democratization of BI”.

Smart visualisations for everyone

Qlik Sense displays results in dashboards that suit your needs and taste the best.

Drag-and-drop features for your analyses

If you want to add a new data source or re-organize your dashboard, all you need to do is drag-and-drop and done.

Platform approach at its best

Qlik Sense connects the worlds of business and IT. Users can enjoy autonomy and instant responses, while IT maintains absolute control over everything.

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Everything you need at one place just a few clicks away.

You can prepare and review all the essential information you need at one place. Long hours spent analyzing and reading large and chaotic spreadsheets in PowerPoint or MS Excel are now a thing of the past. Just a few clicks and the answer you were looking for pops up on the screen just bit slower thatn the the speed of thought.

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Unmatched speed available to everyone.

Qlik Sense's performance exceeds all expectations. Working with this tool is fun thanks to the unique drag-and-drop responsive environment that thinks ahead. You do not have to wait for the IT department to prepare the analysis or report. Just a few clicks and you can make or edit things you need while the system itself offers best options possible.

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Technical revolution with Qlik

Qlik Sense is based on a platform that Qlik has been developing for almost 20 years. Its brutal analytical force is based on a technology that combines data and creates associations between them - just like a human brain does. Qlik Sense helps clean up data and prepares new analyses or reports in almost no time. Then simply enter keywords into the smart search engine or drag and drop any data source and the analysis can begin. Not even big data pose a problem for this little wizard thanks to the powerful in-memory engine.

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Write your own story. Anywhere.

The data itself is almost worthless if you do not have the right context. One of Qlik Sense's key features is storytelling - the ability to read and see situations from all angles. This will unlock the potential of corporate data and help find sense in the chaos of unstructured data. Developers of Qlik have not forgotten about the importance of mobile analytics, do not worry! You can download the application to your smartphone or tablet and continue working wherever and whenever you like.

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Reports and analyses as a managed process

Qlik Sense connects the world of business and the world of IT. Users can enjoy autonomy and instant responses while IT maintains absolute control over everything. Users can enjoy freedom when analyzing data or searching for answers without having to wait for the specialists to prepare the required data. Qlik Sense comes with a robust data governance to ensure security, consistency and credibility of your data.

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Enterprise class architecture

Qlik Sense thought in a great detail about the needs of large corporations and thus complies with the strictest security policies. All data and processes remain under your control. Provided information is consistent and always reliable. Qlik Sense also meets the most demanding management requirements (flexible allocation of licenses, usage tracking, transparent management interface – all that saves time and simplifies troubleshooting), security requirements (enables incorporation of any requirements) and scalability requirements (visualization support, elastic scalability, geographic clusters, global deployments and roll-outs).

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What our clients say

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Processing of large amount of data from POS within minutes

“Processing of data from our distributors was previously difficult operation, now it is a questions of minutes. Qlik solution enable us to see the production from many different angles. We did particular analysis which led to pricing of the products and checking of some production streams.”

- 2N Telekomunikace

Other benefits brought about by Qlik Sense

Governed environment

All applications access defined data sources without compromising their security.

Progressive approach

Users gain access to individual functionalities gradually as they develop their skills and needs.

Smart Data Load

Improves visualization and greatly simplifies data collection across the company.

Qlik Sense DataMarket

A unique data library includes, for example, stock exchange information, rates, weather forecasts, demographic as well as socio-economic data.

Simple and easy sharing of analyses and reports

Users can work together during the process. The outputs will be more accurate and detailed. All that just few clicks away.

Shared objects library

It is possible to predefine calculations and visualizations to ensure their consistent use – now you can be sure the whole company works with the same data.

Broad development options

New interfaces streamline integration into the surrounding environment.

Embedding through the advanced API

Qlik Sense integrates into websites and customized IT solutions through advanced APIs to help you get a massive analytical power in record time.

Qlik Sense can be used in various industries including...


Financial services



Health care





Public sector



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