EMARK ESG Solutions

Sustainability depends on data.

It should support futher development of the company.

Emark ESG Solutions

At EMARK Analytics, we specialize in data integration. We build on current legislation and think about future needs. EMARK ESG’s solution uses a combination of the integration, analytics, and reporting capabilities of a modern Business Intelligence platform, which is complemented by a source database re-entry technology.

At the same time, you are free to tailor analytical reports to the needs of end users, create workflows, set up notifications, and create specific reporting outputs.

Řídící Dashboard pro zájmové oblasti
Managing Dashboard for Areas of Interest

Key ESG Areas


Social responsibility

Corporate governance

Emark ESG Solution Includes Specialized Aplikacions

Process stability and variance

Carbon footprint

Energy consumption

IT security

Risk management

Human resources diversity

Why and How we help with ESG


The ESG strategy builds on long-term data collection and processing. However, for efficient use and informed decisions, you need to get hold of relevant data more often than once a year. You can draw on detailed reports for the ESG final report whenever needed. Additionally, you have easy access to control dashboards that enable you to delve into even the most intricate aspects of the input data.

The application tree provides you with an extensive Drill Down feature. This allows you to seamlessly transition from the KPI level to a detailed overview of individual transactions pertaining to specific ESG or BSC elements, initiatives, or responsible individuals.

Ukázka detailní aplikace pro analýzu a reporting spotřeby a generování solární energie
Illustration of a detailed application designed for analysing and reporting solar power consumption and generation.

Sustainability built on data

EMARK ESG draws on data from different and unequally functioning departments or data sources. As part of our approach, we aggregate data from all key areas into the Qlik Sense platform, where we further process it into practical overviews.


If you need something specific or just more than that

Then there is e. g. Qlik trusted extension partner Infinity. Watch the video to see how it helped with carbon emissions management.

The customer success story is showcasing a solution built by Qlik & Inphinity Suite that supports their client, the Australian National University (ANU) to achieve their Below Zero Initiative targets.

The combination of Qlik’s associative data model and Inphinity’s data input possibilities with predictive analytics, real-time data modelling, multiple data sources and advanced geo-analytics presents ANU with real opportunities to make investment decisions that will improve energy efficiency of buildings.

What Are The Core Principles that drive  EMARK ESG solutions?

EMARK ESG is part of long-term planning

Once you have collected all the data pertaining to ESG factors that impact the company and its suppliers, it is time to automate and streamline scheduling and reporting. By developing an ESG digital strategy, you can seamlessly collect and process data in a manner that perfectly aligns with targets, regulations, and your risk management strategy.

Our goal is to provide users with a user-friendly data-processing environment encompassing all the necessary domains to compile a comprehensive ESG report. This environment enables users to connect seamlessly with strategic corporate goals, initiatives from other regulatory areas, and corporate BSC or risk management.

Technology and processes

With a special focus on this field, we have designed an ESG app that will assist you in exploring and navigating the realm of sustainability.

Flexibilní řízení a nastavení rozpočtu, kontrola plnění individuálních iniciativ a možnost úpravy ESG elementů dle daného Frameworku (ukázka pro BII standard)
Flexible management and budgeting, control of the implementation of individual initiatives and possibility of adjusting ESG elements according to a given Framework (illustration for BII standard)

How Will We Do That?

Visualized Reports

Our solution allows you to work with data and reports in real time. It is up to you whether you want your own on-premise solution or take advantage of all the benefits of a cloud storage and SaaS solution.

Quickly evaluate and compare current status and management KPIs with specified or planned targets in all relevant areas. With customizations and full throughout the platform, it is up to you to choose which form of visualizations and reports you want.

All in one place

Bid farewell to the need for manual report requests or data updates. With everything consolidated in a single platform, you can conveniently access and manage diverse aspects including energy consumption, carbon footprint reduction commitments, HR, diversity, strategic initiatives, and community partnerships.

The integration of these aspects within a single platform is a vital prerequisite for successful automation. Moreover, it enables numerous activities such as managing integrated ESG areas, budgeting, resource allocation, and detailed operational oversight.

ESG Self-Assessment

Working with a major consulting company, we have developed an interactive form that will evaluate the preparedness and the extent to which a company meets the requirements for compiling a comprehensive ESG report.


By consolidating data from sub-reports, you can access a centralized location that automatically provides the most up-to-date data, irrespective of whether it originates from internal or external sources. You can choose the frequency of data replication from sources, the application's refresh, and set full or incremental data uploads. This streamlined process enables quicker, easier, and automated access to enhanced inputs for decision-making, resulting in improved outcomes.

Sustainability should not slow you down but support futher development.

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