EMARK Planning Solutions

How we transform planning workflows to no-pain business critical processes

Why We Help with Planning


Planning is the most impactful data analytics process for the business



Technologies we use allow us to rapidly deliver solutions that help people with data



We delivered the first planning tool
13 years ago and dozens more till now

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40 % of US CFOs think their forecasts are not particularly accurate and that the process takes far too much time.
Source: McKinsey & Company (Bringing a real-world edge to forecasting)

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High-quality financial planning and analysis can improve decision outcomes by up to 1 % of sales.

Only 3 % of companies have strategic, operational and financial planning processes that are fully aligned and integrated.
Source: Gartner (Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) Transformation)

EMARK Online DataTalks

On-demand webinar: “How to escape Excel hell while planning, budgeting & forecasting?”

Planning Landscape

Secret sauce? No, the key is…

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Technologies and techniques

Rapid prototyping and agile delivery with

Qlik + Inphinity + R/Python

Using math and statistics to pre-calculate values to switch from “input” to “accept or adjust” planning process.

We utilize naïve methods (e.g. rolling averages), through simple statistics (e.g. regression, correlation), to machine learning (ARIMA, Prophet) depending on ROI.

Experience with data and workflows

Ability to connect any structured data from source DBs, DWH, REST API, xml, spreadsheets…
And external data like weather, commodity prices, demographics, mobility …
And unstructured data with Mole UDC.

Then process it any way necessary. Most of our solutions have 1000s of lines of data processing scripts which we create in days, not months.

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Typical planning use cases & solutions

Profitability Top-down planning

Total Profit / Loss by percentage/absolute number – adjusting the plan by adding the actual year growth percentage, decreasing percentage or adding the absolute value we expect directly into the app

Automatic recalculation of all depending values without any further activity

Budgeting is being performed on individual lines of managerial PnL

Quick and smooth process of the final confirmation and allocation

Locking the particular version of the plan and notification of people who will proceed with planning later via email

PnL Adjustments

Adjusting the plan within a particular hierarchy

  • Showing the financial planning on managerial levels of PnL with already calculated in particular periods
  • Focus on operation expenses for particular divisions
  • Changing the absolute value directly in the app (write-back feature) and subsequent automatic recalculation through whole period or plan. Change is logged and audited.

Delta adjustment

  • Adding or removing an absolute or percentage value directly in the app
  • Option to adjust all the lines necessary with percentage or absolute value via write-back functionality

Adjustment of the annual plan

  • Flexibility of the app to set up different scenarios and needs of the planners
  • Tailoring the annual plan values accordingly to the nature of the plan or business logic of the particular company
  • Average calculations adjustments – switching flat, base or seasonality when historical figures are not reliable enough

Our referencies in Slovakia and Czechia

Global Business Planning for a renowned technology company with HQ in Slovakia​

Finance, Sales, and HR Budgeting – Leading employee benefits provider in Slovakia

​PnL budget and forecast versions for 5+ companies in CEE production company

Sales plan top-down leveling for hi-tech devices producer and distributor with HQ in Czechia

PnL budget versions – Czech production company with global distribution

Stock level planning – leading healthcare retail & wholesale company in Czechia

Our references Europe and ANZ

Weekly production forecasting / balancing – production company in Ireland

Stock level optimization – Warehouse management software company in Germany

Sales budgeting – retail chain in Australia

Sales budgeting – leading manufacturer and supplier of steel rolls – Australia

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