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Extensions are intended for all Qlik Sense users who want to work with the most up-to-date data. Extensions enable convenient reloading of data directly from front-end applications.

Thanks to the Reload Task Button, it is no longer necessary to open and know the Qlik Management Console just to start reloading, not even in the case of a published application. Another related extension is the Reload Task Status, which informs you about the status of the applicationreloading. In addition, it allows you to add more settings and broaden the capabilities of Qlik Sense even further. Both extensions were developed by our partner Inphinity.

Unique access

Thanks to our unique, automated, reboot-based access without the need to open QMC, no additional settings to provide the user with the published application script or otherwise change environmental security settings as is the case with other available solutionsare required.

Reload Task Button a Reload Task Status - Emarkanalytics

More than just a button

At first glance it may seem just like a normal button. However, we've decided to shift its capabilities beyond the reload of a particular app due to the different settings available in this extension. For example, the Reload Task Button is not explicitly linked to the application in which it is used - with the right settings, it can run reload in any other Qlik Sense application.

Reload Task Button a Reload Task Status - Emarkanalytics

Stay informed with Reload Task Status

Together with the Reload Task Button extension, we have developed another separate full-featured Reload Task Status extension that informs users of the current reload status of the application (successfully completed, running, ended with error). Additionally, the object updates itself automatically, so no refresh of the page or browser is required. We decided to add some special features to Reload Task Status. Now it can be linked to the task of any app in Qlik Sense.

Reload Task Button a Reload Task Status - Emarkanalytics

Minimalistic design, huge added value

Thanks to its minimalistic design, it can provide users with very important information on a small area. Adding this extension to an app lets you and others know if data is up to date or the application is reloading in the background. If it is necessary to inform the user in more detail (and not only about the status of the reload), it is possible to switch to the text view.

Reload Task Button a Reload Task Status - Emarkanalytics

Combine Reload Task Button and Reload Task Status

With the expansions that we have incorporated into these objects, you can create a custom application that will let users know about reloads of the most important applications across the environment - all in the Qlik Sense Hub environment. Reload Task Button that can run individual apps will surely be appreciated by all administrators who have a QMC link stored only to run and check reloads.

Reload Task Button a Reload Task Status - Emarkanalytics

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