Join us at May 17-19, 2022. Event is online and FREE.

Three days of inspiration and innovation.

The hottest trends in data and analytics. The latest innovations. And endless inspiration from futurists, data innovators, and organizations doing amazing things with data. It’s all at QlikWorld 2022. The virtual event runs May 17-19, 2022, and it’s the official kickoff to our global, in-person series that will start in June. EMARK gets a rare chance to showcase three customer success stories in front of the global audience.


Explore best practices and learn about the latest technologies and innovative product features to help you get more value from your data. QlikWorld is the largest Qlik-related gabfest taking place every year in May. This year’s edition will be virtual again and the event is FREE of charge.

EMARK at QlikWorld 2022

This year will be a special for us as are running 3 very sessions. Out of hundreds of submitted session proposals our three were selected that is absolutely unprecedented for us. All our sessions are customer success stories and features Inphnity technology and solutions. Browse all breakout sessions HERE. Here is a glimpse of our sessions:

  • Tatra banka (Session code: 664631)
    Session title: IT Risk Management Solution in Tatra Banka: Building Interactive, Custom Software in Qlik.
    Abstract: IT Risks under control? The renowned bank is using Qlik as an efficient IT Risk Management system.
  • Dawn Meats (Session code: 663918)
    Session title: Rolling forecast prediction, workflows, and other fun stuff helps Dawn Meats transition from QlikView to Qlik Sense 
  • Model Group (Session code: 664630)
    Session Title: Why We Chose Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS
    Abstract: Can Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS handle enterprise deployment?

TOP speakers

Whether you live and breathe data or you’re just starting out, QlikWorld 2022 will accelerate your data integration and data analytics expertise. The highlights of this years’ edition will be keynotes from Hayley Arceneaux, an Astronaut and cancer survivor, Visionary Futurist and Neuroscientist Dr. Poppy Crum, Leading Expert in Robot Ethics Dr. Kate Darling, The Atlantic CEO and former Editor-in-Chief of WIRED, Nicholas Thomson as well as Qlik’s CEO, Mike Capone and James Fisher, Qlik’s Chief Product Officer.

Our sessions will be run in powerful setup EMARK – Inphinity – Client to paint the most relevant picture possible. Lukáš Neduchal and Martin Kostič in Tatra banka session; Robert Šrotýř and Angeline Corvaglia in Model Group session and Radovan Oreský with Maria Oreská in Dawn Meats session.

Stay tuned we will post more information in the upcoming days. Learn more at

About QlikWorld

QlikWorld is dedicated to the latest advancements in data integration and analytics, featuring scheduled keynote presentations, deep-dive sessions with thought leaders and subject matter experts, and product demonstrations. Taking place online and in cities throughout the world in 2022, QlikWorld is your chance to discover how you can activate your data to drive your business forward with certainty.

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