Our second breakout session at the forthcoming QlikWorld 2022 will showcase our solution in the pioneering Slovak bank Tatra banka. This solution has significantly automated and simplified the whole IT risk management process, while helping the bank to work interactively with both static and dynamic IT risks.

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Tatra banka: Leading Slovak bank implements IT risk control quickly and economically - Emarkanalytics

IT risks under control

The solution is built on the Qlik platform, enhanced with Inphinity and expertly delivered by EMARK Analytics, helping to record, manage, analyze and group the IT risks according to the EBA guidelines.

Benefits for Tatra banka

The Bank is now able to review and analyze the risk profile in ICT security across the whole organization. It has delivered a significant reduction in the workflow of the entire risk management process and the ability to report the overall risk profile of the company at any time.

It is now possible to identify the exact stage of the risk and the owners of the next step of risk processing – all in one place. This solution has enabled Tatra Banka to enter accurately and simply, record, maintain, manage, evaluate, and approve IT risks including full approval workflow supported by notification functionality.

Join us for the breakout session IT Risk Management Solution in Tatra Banka: Building Interactive, Custom Software in Qlik to learn more about this project. Search for session code 664631, find the list of sessions is HERE.

Session details

Session title: IT Risk Management Solution in Tatra Banka​: Building Interactive, Custom Software in Qlik.

Session code: 664631

List of sessions: https://www.qlik.com/qlikworld/sessions/breakout-sessions


  • Marek Zeman , Head of department IS Security, Tatra banka, a.s.
  • Jozef Úroda , ICT and Security Risk Manager, Tatra Banka
  • Martin Kostic , CEO, Inphinity
  • Lukáš Neduchal , Chief Advisory Officer, Partner, EMARK s.r.o.

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