Webinar - Streamline your budgeting in Qlik - get rid of spreadsheets



See how our customer of Mayo Hardware uses Forms for Sales Budget Planning directly in Qlik. In this live online seminar, Jeff Brown, General Manager Supply Chain from Mayo Hardware together with Kristina Hasulova, Country Manager from EMARK will:

  • Explain how Mayo Hardware used to do planning before and why they needed a change
  • Walk you through their Qlik planning application and tell you highlights of their data analytics journey
  • Clarify how the company uses the planning solution
  • Demonstrate what was the value added for the company and what other use cases can be covered with Forms
  • Answer all your questions you might have

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    Australian distribution company Mayo Hardware will talk about their data analytics journey and show how they managed to streamline budgeting with Forms


    Forms for Qlik Sense are a data input extension, which are easy to implement and use. Forms are a Qlik Trusted Extension


    With Forms, you can increase the value of your Qlik solution and improve the data quality, create new data, categorize, add comments or streamline your planning.


    Inovativní témata

    Real-time data streaming

    Data streaming v reálném čase od zdroje až po dashboard

    Active Intelligence jako aktivní platforma postavená na stále aktuálních datech, která se dostanou k manažerům a uživatelům ve formě, jakou potřebují

    mobilní notifikace, pdf report, email alert, ...

    Moderní cloud data platforma

    Moderní pricing model (platíte jen za to, co používáte, na sekundu přesně)
    Žádná obrovská úvodní investice v desítkách a stovkách tisíc eur do datového skladu
    Bezpečnost dat nad veškerá očekávání

    Kromě inspirativních příběhů, ukázek či přednášek jsme připravili i dva odpolední workshopy, kde se budete moci naučit pracovat s nástroji Snowflake a Qlik.

    Who is this webinar addressed to?

    All Audit and Operational Risk practitioners that use Qlik Sense

    Data enthusiasts | pragmatically minded managers on the border between business and technology.



    Country Manager


    General Manager – Supply Chain

    Mayo Hardware

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