Please ensure the following requirements before Qlik Sense Enterprise installation or upgrade on Windows

  • The server meets the minimum system requirements for Qlik Sense Enterprise.
  • The server should be dedicated for Qlik Sense with up-to-date Windows OS.
  • Websocket connection is allowed on network components. The minimum WebSocket session duration is 0,5 hour.
  • Open ports in case of an enabled firewall:
    • 443 (80 for HTTP) inbound (public),
    • 4244 (4248 for HTTP) inbound (public) – for versions before Qlik Sense April 2018,
    • 2684 inbound (public) if Inphinity Forms are a part of the architecture
    • 4242, 4432, 4444, 4747 inbound, outbound (domain, private) for basic multi-node architecture (central and failover node),
    • 4242, 4432, 4444, 4747, 4899, 4239, 4949, 5050, 5151 inbound, outbound (domain, private) for complex multi-node architecture (central and multiple specialized nodes). Please contact EMARK COG for assistance.
    • For more information on ports see official Qlik documentation.
  • A Service account is available for running the Qlik Sense services. This account needs to have the following parameters:
    • User cannot change password
    • Password never expires
    • Local Admin rights on all servers dedicated to Qlik Sense (user has “Log on as a service” policy in Local Security Policy settings)
    • If the server is in the domain it is recommended to use a domain account
    • If a multi-site architecture (dev – test – prod) is being created, use a different service account for each site and disable credentials roaming
  • It is recommended to use the same account as the Service account for the installation. If this is not possible than the Installation account must have the following parameters:
    • Local Admin rights on all servers dedicated to Qlik Sense
    • Remote desktop access to all servers dedicated to Qlik Sense
  • If the installation is performed by EMARK specialist than it is necessary to prepare access to all servers for Qlik Sense:
    • Remote desktop access (IP address and server name)
    • VPN access if neccessary
  • If only a specific group of users should be imported from the Active Directory, please prepare the LDAP filter
    • Recommended if there is a large number of users (100+) in your AD
  • If the digitally signed SSL certificate is available:
    • SSL certificate should be issued for the specific domain/URL and imported on the server(s)
    • DNS entry should be created and redirected to the specific Qlik Sense URL
  • Daily system backup procedure is recommended (official documentation). Backup must be performed before an upgrade.
    • virtual machine image
    • Qlik Repository and Centralized Logging PostgreSQL databases snapshot
    • Qlik file share
    • certificates
  • Please register on and download all relevant installation files.
  • Please make sure that you received active License details by email
    • If you migrate from Token to P/A model, it is recommended to consult auto-assignment rules beforehand

 Should be double-checked before installation / upgrade / migration

  • Do we install a standalone server or the multi-node architecture?
  • Do we have access to the server(s) – VPN, RD, IP addresses, service account, repository superuser and logging users credentials?
  • Do we install on PostgreSQL which is provided by Qlik or on a different instance?
  • Which storage will be used for Qlik file share (local or remote) and can all relevant servers access it?
  • Is the port 443 (or 80 for HTTP, 2684 for Forms ) available or are there alternative ports to be used?
  • Any other security settings in place – specific admin rights, proxy, load balancing?
  • Is the server in the company domain?
  • Is the digitally signed SSL certificate available for given domain / address?
  • Is the internet connection on the server available?
  • Is the connection path to user directory (and LDAP filter) available?
  • (Upgrade only) What versions of Qlik or Inphinity products are installed currently?
  • Which Qlik and Inphinity products will be utilized in the deployment?
    • NPrinting or GeoAnalytics
    • Inphinity Forms or Mole UDC
    • SAP Connector, Web Connectors, REST connector or DataMarket
    • Visualization extensions and/or mashups
    • Analytic connections with server-side extensions to R, Phyton etc.
  • (Migration only) Are the new server, service and user accounts in the same domain?
    • In case the new server is in a different domain, users in the new domain need to have the same IDs for securing environment consistency.
    • if Section Access is used, all relevant users from the new domain have to be added to the script.

EMARK COG recommends

  • virtual server(s) with dedicated resources, connected to company domain
    • we recommend a minimum of 2 PROD nodes as a basic multi-node architecture to ensure failover, performance, and stability.
    • we recommend a standard DEV – TEST – PROD multi-site environment for secure development and upgrade flow.
    • Windows OS – fresh installation without pre-installed databases, Qlik products, etc.
  • whitelisted hardwarecontact us for Qlik server whitelist
  • at least 16 GB of memory for 1+ mil. datasets, or at least 32 GB of memory for 50+ mil. datasets
  • no memory swapping to a temporary drive (this is default setup on e.g. Azure VMs, but degrades Qlik performance)
  • Intel processors with at least 4-8 cores (8-16 threads) with min 2 GHz base frequency
  • at least 100 GB SDD and 300 GB HDD
  • adjust Low and High memory limits to based on memory capacity and server usage, e.g.
    • 60 / 80 on servers with less memory (<24 GB) and other services than Qlik being present
    • 90 / 95 on servers with large memory (>96 GB)

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