Bratislava, October 18 – EMARK Mole is a search engine that is able to map and locate data across corporate IT infrastructure. The application based on the Qlik Sense platform is able to provide a unified, comprehensive and logical overview of information and data stored in all business documents, files and e-mails – both in terms of content and access. Sophisticated background technology makes it easy to search, monitor and analyze data regardless of the source.

EMARK Mole will help you to collect, sort and unify data – both structured and unstructured. Analyzes reliably identify sensitive and personal data that is stored in company data. It will also help determine how efficiently the resources are used and analyze the eligibility of user access to individual data sources. Especially those that contain personal and sensitive data.

EMARK Mole has higher ambitions than just to search for and analyze sensitive data: “It also allows you to process access permissions, evaluate resource efficiency by detecting document copies, search for any data across repositories and data sources. In particular, it allows for efficient processing of a large amount of unstructured data. The tool goes far beyond the GDPR and is suitable for any scenario where processing of unstructured or unclear IT, business, or marketing data is needed,” says Ondrej Javorka, EMARK Partner.

Focused on business data

New version of the product developed by EMARK specialists can also read the content of various unstructured files from text and spreadsheet documents through PDF and images to e-mails and their attachments. You can then analyze this content in details. At the same time, the EMARK Mole probe is able to uncover concealed or hardly accessible contexts or information in the text without requiring analyst’s input while supporting cyber security.

You can locate all the sources containing data about a specific person within seconds. Mole also tells you whether or how many times that data repeats within the system and which users have access to it. You would find it hard to find a similar tool on the market,“ says Mária Šándorová EMARK Mole Product Owner.

Based on leading technologies

EMARK Mole is based on the revolutionary BI tool Qlik Sense and it makes use of its sophisticated associative data model (N: N session). The app uses advanced mathematical methods and is also ready to work with big data. Qlik’s smart search allows you to quickly search through data across sources and visualizations.

EMARK Mole is not a closed “package” solution. It will not limit users to specific types of data sources and has wide-ranging parameterization options for content analysis. Its functionality can be expanded by implementing multiple extensions and add-ons depending on your preferences and needs.

“By incorporating the AI principles into content analysis, Mole will become a revolutionary tool, unique in its field, capable of delivering answers to people without requiring their manual analytical input. And that is huge,” concludes Martin Kostič, CEO of EMARK.

Learn more on EMARK Mole product pages.

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