UniCredit Leasing approves leases within minutes. Thanks to Qlik. - EmarkanalyticsStory of BI tool Qlik in UniCredit Leasing sparkles among our projects we are the proudest of. It is a great example of how one tool, one platform can be used for sorting out different issues in various departments and can bring value in multiple forms, to different users. It is also proof that the possibilities of Qlik are well beyond reporting and analyses, where Qlik regularly defeats its competition.

The evidence of the comprehensive use is the process that integrates 3 different systems and helps UniCredit Leasing to significantly shorten and streamline lease approvals by automation of various actions.

Invisible friend

UniCredit Leasing uses Qlik on many departments, including the Credit Risk Division. The importance of this stage in the process of funding/financing is clear, no doubts here. Lease approval process took several days before Qlik and that was too long.

All has changed with the arrival of a new solution which enables the institution to connect systems and databases, which were not communicating before. This was the main reason of significant time savings of the approval process – from days to approximately 5 minutes. On top of it, the whole process has become practically invisible. As Ingrid Mračnová, the head of Credit Risk Division says with exaggeration, she already forgot about this project. She adds that everything runs properly on the background of the day-to-day agenda and there is no need to interfere whatsoever.

Killing two birds with one stone

This solution was designed and implemented by a team of our BI specialists and we are sizeably elated about it. It showcases the power of Qlik also outside the standard analytical or reporting use cases. This freedom and spectrum of new possibilities you will not reach with any other BI tool.

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