After a bit of a hick-up caused by the COVID-19 crisis, the annual QlikWorld conference (formerly known as Qonnections) is back! It will take place as a virtual event on June 24-25, 2020 and it is open for everyone to attend. Whether you are running on the Qlik or not, this will be a unique opportunity for you to explore your options on how to get the maximum value your data can possibly bring you. Qlik is investing huge effort into innovation and emerging technologies and this is the very event where you can set turning points of your data strategy.

Two days. No travel. Unlimited possibilities. These are the main teasers for this years’ QlikWorld and you can be a part of it too. Attend keynotes. Choose from over 110+ different breakout sessions. Explore the Data Discovery Zone (virtual expo) and more. All without leaving home. There is just one thing you need to do – fill out the registration form and QlikWorld spot is yours.

World's biggest Qlik BI conference, QlikWorld goes ONLINE. Join us on June 24 & 25. - Emarkanalytics

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EMARK at QlikWorld

EMARK is with Qlik well over a decade now. Why? Simply because its unique technology provides us the fundamental prerequisite for building incredibly powerful solutions you can use across your organization. And this is where we are helping our clients the most. For us, QlikWorld is not only a technology showcase, but it is also a platform, where we can share the solutions we have built.

This year we will once again be active participants. As our close partners in Inphinity are one of the sponsors of the event, EMARK will have its own cut on QlikWorld too – with an overlap in the official program of the conference. You can join us for an inspirational talk about how to go way beyond dashboards with Qlik, how to extend its capabilities. Title of the breakout session is Qlik Beyond Dashboards – Extending Qlik Capabilities and will be delivered by our friends from Inphinity, Mária Šándorová, Head of Product Development and Tomáš Jančo, Senior Developer.

Mária and Tomáš will be demonstrating the case of a large financial company (and our client), which has saved a lot of time and money thanks to the extended capabilities of Qlik. Mária is a former BI specialist in EMARK, who was later transferred to lead development in Inphinity. This is one of the projects that originated in EMARK.

It is worth mentioning that this project was selected for by Qlik from thousands of applications, what we feel is not just the great honor, but also confirms that EMARK & Inphinity has really close ties with Qlik and confirms our position of the strongest and most experienced solution provider in the region.

We will bring more information closer to the conference, meanwhile, you are welcome to browse the agenda and (register for) the sessions at

Why attend?

We would like to strongly encourage everyone who works with data to be a part of QlikWorld. It is the best showcase of emerging technologies and data related innovations that you can think of.

We have been very close to Qlik for a number of years now, and have learned a lot from this collaboration. With no doubt, Qlik is incredibly active on the development and extension of the Qlik platform to higher performance, stability, and user comfort and this will continue in the future. After all, you can find out yourself on June 24 and 25.

If you are thinking about data analytics or integration or actually considering Qlik as one of the tools, being at QlikWorld is the best what you can actually do to find the right solution for your needs. Meet experts from Qlik or hear from other customers how they addressed similar needs.


World’s largest Qlik related conference that annually gathers creme-de-la-creme of the Qlik cosmos – thousands of data lovers, TOP partners, clients, enthusiasts, journalists, and, of course, experts from Qlik. Annual Qlik gabfest reveals the hottest innovations and news regarding the strategy and plans of the data analytics vendor, as well as news regarding products and solutions.

Why should you join?

  • 110+ breakout sessions & customer presentations
  • Learn about powerful solutions built on Qlik technology
  • Tracks for data analytics, integration, and literacy
  • Expert discussions, in-depth sessions, and hands-on exercises will take your data integration and analytics skills further, faster.
  • Discover entirely new ways to think about data and analytics.
  • See product demos. Join collaborative sessions. Explore innovative tech that can help you put your business in the lead.
  • Join sessions about modern DataOps, IoT, connectivity, and more – and learn to make real discoveries that lead to real outcomes and transformative changes.
  • Get advice directly from leading businesses about creating a data-literate organization and using data to impact decision-making from the top down.
  • Scale your skills. Scale your credibility. And scale your enterprise. You play a critical role in helping your business lead with data, and we’re here to help you succeed.
  • Newbie or guru? It doesn’t matter. Even the best developers need development, and we’ve got you covered with API education sessions, community development opportunities, and dev use cases.

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