Qlik announced the news to its partners at the Qlik Master Reseller Summit in Milan, Italy this week. We were there to bring you every piece of information you might need.

Milan, Sydney, Bratislava, January 18, 2019 – 2019 begins with exciting news. Qlik’s business model shifts from a traditional licensing system to selling its solution on more flexible model. All Qlik products will be from now on available on subscription basis. This affects all the new customers and new site/installations. Current perpetual license customers may continue to expand their perpetual licensed users or convert to subscription offerings in the future. The new sales model comes into effect immediately.

This means that all new customers who buy Qlik’s solutions from now on will no longer have to deal with the initial larger expenses for one-time licenses. They will only pay a regular annual fee for the licences they actually use. Besides new licensing model there are no further changes – Qlik still remains deployable online or on-premise – just according to the needs and means of the client.

Innovations of go-to-market strategy

Qlik is one of the most advanced companies in the IT world today. In order to strengthen its leadership position in the market of analytical solutions, it delivers industry-leading product innovations (AI, Big Data Index, Multi Cloud etc.), but it also updates its business strategy to meet the needs and expectations. “The move towards the subscription-based model is the most important change in Qlik’s business model of the recent years. It is a big step forward and the benefits for clients are evident at the first glance. Clients will gain dynamic control over BI environments and pay only for what they actually use. The process of Qlik deployment will be greatly simplified as well,“ says Lukáš Neduchal, Sales Director of EMARK.

The new model will not affect already sold licenses: “This will remain unchanged. Licenses purchased so far remain, of course, in accordance with the agreed terms,“ says Róbert Srotýř, Partner Relationship Manager at EMARK. Clients who have purchased Qlik’s classic licenses will be able to decide whether they want to continue in this model under unchanged conditions or shift for a more flexible subscription model. This also applies to our long-term clients using QlikView environment and the possibility to migrate to Qlik Sense.

Subscription licensing became the preferred method of acquiring software by customers. This change is fully in line with trends in the business intelligence industry. The subscription system is the best possible solution for all parties. Gartner estimates that by 2020 all new vendors and 80% of current vendors will offer their solutions based on pre-paid licenses (or subscriptions will be a key element of their product offer).

Benefits of Qlik subscription:

  • Better allocation and control over funds with regard to added value. You will only pay for what you actually use in the given period – no more unused licenses.
  • Easier deployment of Qlik – the ability to penetrate new areas, segments, or divisions. You can start working almost immediately and without the need for a larger initial investment. The cost of running BI solutions will spread out over a given period.
  • Reduce customer risk thanks to increased flexibility. There is no need to make a big decision and invest in advance. You can invest on a continuous basis, which will have a positive impact on cash flow.
  • Higher predictability. The costs will spread out over a given period.
  • Greater emphasis on added value. You will be able to “turn on and turn off” your solution at any time depending on what you want to use.
  • Test other tools as well. You do not have to make a crucial selection decision at the moment. You can test other BI solutions in parallel and then choose the winner.
  • Significant simplification of paperwork. You no longer have to pay for software maintenance. You will have a flat fee for real-time licenses, including maintenance.
  • Greater emphasis on quality. Subscription can be canceled, or you can shift from one platform to a different platform at any time. No catch.
  • Lower initial costs. The subscription can be put into books as OPEX.

More info on Qlik solutions here: emarkanalytics.com/products/


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