Las Vegas, Bratislava, January 22 – Qlik announced the acquisition of RoxAI, an innovative digital products developer, and its Ping Intelligent Alerting software. The buyout will extend Qlik’s portfolio with actionable, self-service alerting and workflow automation capabilities that enhance analytics users’ and systems’ ability to proactively monitor and manage business data in real-time. This will enable Qlik customers to have even faster and insight-driven decisions. The information was announced at Qlik’s annual Sales Kick Off in Las Vegas. EMARK has recently became a partner of RoxAI, read more information HERE.

Ping’s self-service intelligent alerts, integrated with Qlik’s leading analytics platform, can immediately notify users through mobile, email and social channels of material changes in their data and the context, triggering decisions and actions immediately. And with Ping, any user can design and create their own advanced alerts around their own use cases – based on their existing dashboards and data – without needing a developer or administrator.

“Take over of RoxAI and its Ping will help to overcome the limitation of analytical dashboards and apps, that require to know what is happening or what has changed,” Qlik informs in the press release. According to Qlik it will ultimately bring the full cycle integration between changes in the data, to analytics, to alerts and notifications that are immediately sent to users or other systems. “The combination of Qlik Data Integration, Qlik Data Analytics, and now RoxAI and Ping will provide customers with a real-time intelligence loop that drives actions,” Qlik further comments on RoxAI acquisition.

Ping can augment analytics user’s intelligence through:

  • Self-service alert design and creation directly within their analytics dashboard
  • Advanced managed alerting based on statistical trending and outlier evaluation
  • Predetermined or ad-hoc sharing of alerts with colleagues directly from mobile or email
  • Time-based trend evaluation with a historical repository of metrics data
  • Guided live data exploration via mobile or desktop based on alerts that go beyond initial data reports to drive immediate action

In the future, Qlik plans to integrate Ping with workflow and robotic process automation (RPA) solutions through APIs that will further accelerate business value of customer data. Further, enhancements are planned to include the capability for “proximity-based alerts”, where, for example, an online shopping vendor can automatically alert a regional manager with performance insights when they arrive at a store location.



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