Are late material deliveries driving you insane? Do longer delivery times interfere with deadlines agreed with your customers? Let’s have a look at how the Czech branch of the global consumer electronics supplier, Foxconn, deals with the issue.

Delays in deliveries is a looming problem. See how Foxconn CZ handled it - Emarkanalytics

Lack of production material and components and delays in material deliveries affect production planning and end-customer deliveries tremendously. Closure of factories, COVID-19-related problems, global chip shortage, a ship trapped in the Suez Canal – all these are putting enormous pressure on production planning, logistics and customer relations.

The Czech branch of Foxconn is no stranger to these problems. The time when China closed its factories due to COVID-19 restrictions proved especially hard for Foxconn. However, Foxconn was quick to adopt data technology and turned the tide in its favor. Thanks to analytical tools, Foxconn was able to very quickly identify orders that could be affected by material delivery delays – all that just a few clicks away.

Foxconn made use of tools capable of delivery estimates prediction (predictions are generated using historical data to estimate the delivery date – on time, at risk or it not be possible to meet) and thanks to that they were able to react well in advance and reduce or even eliminate risk and deliver their orders on time or inform the customer about the delay in advance.

Learn more not only about Foxconn’s experience but also about experience of other big players at our on-demand webinar “Keep your logistics and production processes running smoothly without downtime – a how-to webinar”. The guests are Jana Šárová, Sales And Delivery Manager and Jurij Kudraň, Technology Engineering Manager from Foxconn CZ. We also talked about how data analyses help them plan production and keep track of order management.

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