Just before Christmas 2019 we got the idea that instead of giving presents to each other we can actually collect some money and donate it on charity. And you know what? It was a lot easier than we thought. The amount we collected we donated to Plamienok non-profit organisation, which helps children in terminal states and their families with palliative treatment at home instead of hospital.

Everybody could contribute with any amount, we have collected 450 euro among colleagues. EMARK topped it up with additional 600 euro. We only needed to decide on who will we donate the amount to – and that was maybe the most difficult part of it – many would deserve that.

At last we have agreed that winner of our annual Christmas Party Trivia will decide about it. Winning team unanimously decided in favour of non-profit organisation Plamienok, which helps terminally ill children with palliative treatment and care at their homes.

In return we have got this video in Plamienok. We are glad to share it with us.


If there is a one thing, one learning point we took away, it is that to help is incredibely simple. We would like to inspire and encourage other companies and organisations – it is truly enough to have some positive energy and momentum. To donate ten euro per person will not harm anyone and if you multiply it by one or two hundred employees, you could really, really help someone.

Thank you

We would like sincerely thank to our colleagues for the idea, support and kindness. You are great.🙂 Last but not least a great recognition belongs to our friends in Plamienok, for making this world a better place. Thank you for doing this.

Would you like to donate too? Or help otherwise? Here is few options how to do so: https://www.plamienok.sk/podporte-nas

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