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EMARK & Inphinity Internal newsletter nov 22 - Emarkanalytics
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EMARK & Inphinity Internal newsletter nov 22 - EmarkanalyticsMartin Kostič

Hi all, 

So, what do you think? Was 2022 for you a year to celebrate?  

As a matter of chance, I’ve had several good discussions with some of the colleagues exactly on this topic. In our everyday life, we are constantly faced with challenges. Some of them easy, some of them really hard. We set goals to ourselves. And we have expectations. Put on us by the external environment but also those that we put on ourselves. And these are often even tougher than the external ones. This leaves us many times focused on what we do right now. It distorts the reality to our own little world in which we exist and try to do our best. We tend to lose sight of the good stuff that we do, the impact we have on the people around us, sometimes even the reason why we do what we do. And, this is not how it should be.  

This might have been the world 100+ years ago when people were trained to work as “bio-robots”. We can create a completely different world. A world in which we do the right things, with inspiration, take the time to sharpen the saw, look at the bigger picture. A world where the financial target is not an ultimate success or failure factor but more a milestone, one of the many pieces of the puzzle, that’s keeping us focused. A world where doing the right thing is more important than anything else. A world where we take the time to celebrate our lives. Not necessarily just because we achieved a number (which is obviously a very good reason for celebration, too). But because we are doing the right things, moving in the right direction, bringing value to the world. And that’s making us happy. Yes, it’s hard. Perhaps one of the hardest challenges in life.  

And in this challenge, it helps to have the right people around that you can share your inspiration with, that are able to challenge you directly but with genuine care for you and your success. Yes, many times, we feel we are far from this. Perhaps so far that we can’t be further. But, in the end, it is in our power to shape the world to make it like this. 


EMARK & Inphinity Internal newsletter nov 22 - EmarkanalyticsMartin Lobotka
Chief Finance Officer, EMARK Group

At the beginning of the year we all together set up ambitious goals. We wanted to follow pre-covid period time and re-start our growth after 2 years.  In terms of basic metrics such as #billings, #net revenue,  we committed ourselves to growth YoY within 15-20%. This course of action is hard to achieve without right people on right seats. Despite of the fact we have had quite hassles with hiring and struggling with lack of capacity our EMARK EMEA financial results are very impressive: 

  • Billings growth for YTD Oct 22 vs 21 is over 17% 

EMARK & Inphinity Internal newsletter nov 22 - Emarkanalytics

  • Net revenue for YTD Oct 22 vs 21 is almost on budgeted level (15% over YoY),
  • Net revenue services for YTD Oct 22 vs 21 is almost on budgeted level (with less delivery team as we expected).

EMARK & Inphinity Internal newsletter nov 22 - Emarkanalytics


At the end of the year, only two months is remaining, and I am really convinced that we achieve the numbers as we budgeted and there will be also second reason for celebration 😊

Regardless of financials, I would like to emphasise one amazing thing that the exceptionality of our projects was authorized by independent consultant company and six of customer solutions realized in 2021 was qualified for Reseasch & development incentive. These solutions were eligible to fulfil strict criteria of the uniqueness of the solution and overcoming technical uncertainty.


EMARK & Inphinity Internal newsletter nov 22 - EmarkanalyticsLukáš Neduchal
Chief Advisory and Sales Officer & Partner, EMARK Analytics

EMARK & Inphinity Internal newsletter nov 22 - EmarkanalyticsRóbert Šrotýř
Chief Product Officer, EMARK Analytics

Business in CEE

From the business development point of view we are discussing very interesting opportunities both for public and private sectors in Slovakia and Czech Republic. From the private sector there are several major new accounts and re-visited prospects, where we are currently closing first phase after PoCs. Companies like Muziker, Securitas and SIIX EMS would definitely be welcomed addition to our client base. In the Czech Republic, we are currently also in discussions (both direct and through our partners) with České dráhy, Správa železnic, Severočeská vodárenská, Vodafone and likes.

We made amazing additions on a service level successfully closing additional services for our major accounts Model Obaly, Porsche CZ, Enviral and won tender for Foxconn, just to name a few.

On a partner level I am delighted that our new partners share the same passion for innovative solutions. Good example may be company integritas, which is focused on delivery of integrated security solutions (both on physical and IT layer). Emark could be part of consortiums supporting Czech police and Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic. Here we want to build up on our IT Risk management solution for Tatrabanka and provide these customers support for data integration and data analytics use cases related to securing of Czech critical infrastructure and related Risk management frameworks.

Strategically and from the consulting point of view we see several major areas forming as our future focus stream, such as IT Security and Risk management – a topic is currently „HOT“ at almost all of our clients thanks to regulatory pressure from current and upcoming regulations like ESG, ZoKB, NIS2 etc…

EMARK & Inphinity Internal newsletter nov 22 - EmarkanalyticsMartin Kostič

EMARK & Inphinity Internal newsletter nov 22 - EmarkanalyticsAngeline Corvaglia
Chief Operating Officer, EMARK Group

Business in APAC

In APAC, 2022 has been the year of consolidation of our business. We have appointed a new business leader – Paulo Fernandes (originally from South Africa), a professional with 15+ years of experience in Qlik, to drive our business activities in APAC and South Africa. Many thanks to all who helped with the transition, above all, Juraj Jarabek and Martin Lamper for believing in us and being on-board with us!

We have managed to expand the cooperation with some of our key customers such as FEFO Pty Ltd, Shelta Australia, Stramit, Mayo Hardware, PDP Fine Foods, Rhytm & Beats, UCC Coffee (previously Suntory Coffee) with further deals in the pipeline for 2022 with our customers such as Yellow Brick Road, MediRecords, Arena Retail, etc and our partners such as Cast Solutions, Acumen Consulting, Neon Consulting. There are several unique solutions that we’ve managed to develop, such as a mobile survey tool with Qlik and Inphinity, several planning applications with very high value-added, and I believe we will be able to share more about them, soon.

EMARK & Inphinity Internal newsletter nov 22 - EmarkanalyticsViktor Škulec
Marketing Manager, EMARK Analytics


Our October’s Better BI conference in Bratislava together with Prague’s Data in Business conference in June were the two crucial marketing events of the year. After endless, two and a half years of event break, we have finally brought in-person events to our capitals. And what a happenings both conferences were! Prague’s event gathered over 50 innovators and it was packed with pure energy and positive spirit. The same energy we felt in Bratislava in on Better BI, where we had nearly 100 clients & prospects with a bonus of an extraordinary venue on Danube river with picturesque views of Bratislava Castle and Old Town. Both events brought brilliant content and EMARK, Inphinity, Qlik and Snowflake data innovation at its best. It is good to be back 😊.

We have also run a successful series of webinars starting in spring with Qlik SaaS webinar and a session for hospitals and healthcare providers. These two events alone brought us smashing 270 leads! An important marketing milestone throughout the year was a QlikWorld promo, where we run 3 breakout withour innovative customers – Dawn Meats, Model Group and Tatra banka. That was an awesome opportunity to communicate how innovative and competitive EMARK with Inphinity are.

Summer was an unusually busy season for marketing too.  Two webinars drew attention during slower holiday season. First was a reminder of our accoladed risk management solution in Tatrabanka (recognized at QlikWorld) and second was focused on SAP users and Qlik Gold Client promo. Summer events fetched us 90 registrations altogether. Not bad, for summer season, right?

Apart from events and lead generation, HR branding became a popular topic. We are preparing a special micro website to boost the hiring, it will be ready in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned.

EMARK & Inphinity Internal newsletter nov 22 - EmarkanalyticsRado Oreský
Chief Solutions Officer & Partner, EMARK Analytics

EMARK & Inphinity Internal newsletter nov 22 - EmarkanalyticsPavol Hajastek
CTO/Technical Director, EMARK Analytics

Customer Success

ESET – a global IT company. 6 years ago, business managers in ESET were swamped with tables in Excel. One of the “excel ponds” was used to type in plans into pre-designed tables. Tens of partners around the world, multiple sheets for different product lines, at least 3-4 versions… Can you imagine the mess and headache the business analysts had when they consolidated it for top management? Months. And the validity (accuracy) of such plans? Nobody really cared.

The first iteration of Business Planning in Qlik was an eye-opener, 6th iteration from last year was borderline artificial intelligence, next year we’ll help them push it even further. 100+ partners around the world, 5 product lines each with tens of planning lines, 3 scenarios, 9 versions, all pre-calculated from 100+ million records. Planners just accept or adjust a few variables, all are consolidated into dashboards in minutes. Since the first version, they grew by 150 million, in 5 years to almost 600m in 2021. How much of that could have been lost, if they still drowned in excel?

DAWN MEATS – one of the largest Irish meat producers, with GBP 800M revenue, where we managed to transform the planning process with Qlik and Inphinity. The goal of the project was to design and develop a software solution for automatic integration of data on prices and sales from source systems with a powerful forecasting capability. The solution includes automatic prediction of weekly sales using machine learning methods, even taking into consideration the fact that meat consumption is impacted by weather 😊.

The planning was previously done in Excel, with poor quality and huge manual effort, leading to considerable waste. New solution is aiming to dramatically increase the precision of the planning process on weekly basis, and thus having substantial impact on costs and overall efficiency of the company. Dawn Meats was the third project that made it all the way to QlikWorld.

MODEL GROUP – This is one of our most important projects of all times. Why? For the first time ever we have utilized all most important technologies from our portfolio – Qlik, Inphinity, Snowflake, AWS to create system integration on the data level across several business applications incl. SAP. We provided access to the data for business users and also improved data quality and consistency. All of this in SaaS environment – and that is not common at the enterprise level. So it does not come as a surprise that this story have actually qualified made it to the global audience of this years’s QlikWorld. And that says it all.

ORANGE BUSINESS SERVICES – a part of the Orange Group, supports companies and organizations through their digital transformation in 220 countries and territories. The multi-national Telco Sourcing team came up with a requirement for a tool to cover their dynamic project management workflow. They were facing issues from data quality, through delays up to uncovered tasks due to insufficient project handovers via Excel, Teams, and e-mails. OBS quickly and successfully covered the need by leveraging Qlik and Inphinity Suite – 1 internal developer delivered the first working prototype of the project tracking & handover tool in 2 weeks! Followed by 6 weeks of finetuning with end-users, they put the first version into production.

Crucial elements of the solution are a single source of data, uploading files through the Qlik app, and customizability for different teams. Daily used functions are interactive project tracking, handover of projects between people, difficulty/workload calculation and their trends, data quality monitoring, project-based and workload-based reporting. All of this results in faster, more efficient and more secure communication. The value is clearly proven by other teams demanding a customized version of the solution.

EMARK & Inphinity Internal newsletter nov 22 - Emarkanalytics

“We’ve built the whole Project tracking solution around Inphinity Forms in Qlik Sense. The development was much faster and easier than it would be with other technologies. A crucial part was the unique option to upload files to the server directly from the Qlik application by using Inphinity Forms. It is already used in production, saves time, and brings value also by having data directly in Qlik where we analyze it.” says Anton Bulik from Orange Business Services

TATRA BANKA –  one of the leading Slovak banks. Main goal of the project was to implement centrally managed IT Risk management application. Underlying requirements were (1) To create one Risk management tool as a main source of truth within the Bank with easy administration and management, relevant security and access rights settings for all users (2) To enable proactive view on individual dynamic and static risks data that is directly related to particular complex assets (SW applications arranged around various business capabilities) (3) To be able to capture all changes in real time and always enable managers to see actual data with easy reporting of integrated and overall risk profile per whole bank (4) To support standard review and acceptance workflow with notifications and high level of interactivity among users.

The solution consists of 3 linked applications: Administration (for risk administrators), Risk management (for risk managers and risk owners to create, evaluate and accept risks) and Analytics (for every involved user who needs individual risk or risk profile overview and reporting). The solution includes complete methodology for evaluation of risks and pre-calculating impacts and probabilities based on certain combination of Asset x Threat x Vulnerability.

The main outcome is that the bank is now able easily manage the whole set of risks (approx 600 within 200 applications) and provides summarized ad-hoc reporting of complete risk profile attributed to 5 major risk areas as required from ECB (Availability and Continuity Risk, Change risk, Data Integrity Risk, Outsourcing Risk, Security Risk) in the matrix of Likelihood and Impact axes. Main business point being they had only particular solutions and Excels and now have unified workflow system with capability of immediate reporting of complete current risk profile per request, which is huge. It took several days before and now it is a question of 2 minutes. By the way, this was another project presented on QlikWorld 2022.

2N – leading European company engaged in the development and manufacture of products in the field of ICT and physical security. The goal of the project was to develop an application for data collection and analysis of IoT devices and services connected to them, and to enable efficient access of developers and business users to large, voluminous data from devices using limited hardware resources. The solution helps R&D department to understand the use of IoT devices, decide on further strategy of the devices, and thus increase user experience.

STRAMIT – it is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of roll-formed steel building products. The goal of the project was to find custom Forecasting solution which would fit their specific needs. They were choosing between SW specifically made for Forecasting or building custom solution in Qlik using Inphinity. After they chose the second option, we built quite a complex Forecasting solution with rolling months. Besides planning Sales Forecast, users can forecast and adjust price increase of Products, Standard Costs, Margin, Seasonality and more.

There are also 2 different forecasts, Forecast on Customer level and Forecast on Facility and Market segment level. We built many relevant insights and reports as part of this solution e.g. comparison of Customer Forecast vs Facility and Market segment Forecast vs Actuals, which significantly help their team. They previously use Excel for forecasting, which means a slow error prune forecasting process, a lot of manual effort required. This application and use of Inphinity Forms had a great positive impact on their Forecasting business process.

PDP FINE FOODS (WICKED SISTER) – Australian producer of dairy desserts and snacks. The customer was looking for a solution that would help calculate costs and identify reasons of waste in production. Using Qlik and Inphinity Forms, we created an operations application, that joins data from their ERP system, production line sensors, and manual target inputs, which gives the users insight into every single step in the production line with focus on the waste cost. Including material, packaging, and employee attendance data, we were able to calculate detail cost per single cup of desert on a shift. All the new insights and reports built-in this solution has had a great impact on tuning in the production processes and expense reduction.

NHS – UK’s healthcare provider for whom we have re-built a legacy application for HR case management (i.e. tracking of complaints, disciplinary proceedings, etc.) into Qlik with Inphinity. The customer had an old tool that was expensive to maintain due to the high costs of change requests – when any change was needed. The tool was siloed and was not connected to other systems. The goal of the project was to develop a complex application for entering, updating, managing and evaluating incidents in the healthcare sector, creating a single access point for creating and managing employee incidents with automatic notification of interested users. Now, the customer has an agile application, properly connected to their source data, where changes of fields are a matter of minutes, and larger changes in the structure of captured data are a matter of hours. This has led to considerable financial savings and much more agile management of cases and incidents.

EMARK & Inphinity Internal newsletter nov 22 - EmarkanalyticsRado Oreský
Chief Solutions Officer & Partner, EMARK Analytics

A Special Message from Rado

First, I’m really proud of all of you, because wherever I look, I see amazing solutions that help people. And, as I might have mentioned already – without people = usage, our solutions have zero value. So, I have 2 asks for you:

  1. Think about usage, check and discuss it. Soon we will have a tool for keeping track of usage and benchmarking, I’ll keep you posted.
  2. When you finalize some solution for your customer, let someone know = invite account owner to a presentation call, share it briefly on tech sharing, or maybe just write a short summary on Teams. Why? Because these stories are the best way for us to show the world that we are capable to solve their data challenges.

Lately, I was amazed by the solution that Rudy created for Chemosvit. Imagine you’d have to calculate a price for a product that can have hundreds of variations (material, size, shape, colors…) and make sure you’ll still make a profit when you sell it (count with costs of all inputs and steps of the production process). Now imagine you must calculate it for 200 products for a tender by tomorrow. And if you do it wrong, your company might lose hundreds of thousands… Now that’s pressure.

Rudy helped Chemosvit to build a Qlik app with Inphinity Forms for this – define products, adjust features, and analyze the result – takes about 20 seconds. (mike drop)

PS: You all created hundreds of such impactful apps. It’s hard to highlight them all (most are unknown to me) but I’ll do my best to shortly describe at least a few in future newsletters.



EMARK & Inphinity Internal newsletter nov 22 - EmarkanalyticsMartin Kostič

EMARK & Inphinity Internal newsletter nov 22 - EmarkanalyticsAngeline Corvaglia
Chief Operating Officer, EMARK Group

At Inphinity, we are continuing to bring innovative technologies both to our EMARK’s customers as well as to our customers and partners in the world. It is amazing to see use cases such as Vancouver Airport in Canada (via our partner Ginqo) who optimized their maintenance process using Inphinity Flow, NHS UK (our direct customer) who developed a full-scale case management application in their Qlik in Inphinity Forms. Or our EMARK’s customers such as Tatrabanka who built their proactive risk management solution on Inphinity or Orange Business Services running an agile project management app in Inphinity. More and more customers naturally expect their BI to be interactive. Not just analysing but adding targets, forecasts, comments, categories, sending emails, etc. All that helps people to be less “biorobots” and more “homo sapiens”.  

In 2022, we have managed to land with some of the leading global companies:

  • Doman Building Materials (Canada), with our partner Ginqo – one of North America’s largest producer of pressure treated lumber products with 32 operating plants 
  • Fastweb (Italy), with our partner Infodati – one of Italy’s largest telco company (you can see their logo on some of the Italian airports 😉)
  • Bell Group (UK), with our partner Differentia – UK’s company in construction services with 30 branches 
  • GKN Aerospace (UK), with our partner Differentia – a global manufacturer of aerostructures and engine systems with 15,000 employees in 38 manufacturing locations in 12 countries around the world 
  • Eneris (Poland), with our partner Data Wizards – with headquarters in Luxembourg and most operations in Poland, with investments and presence in other European countries, providing waste, water and energy comprehensive services as well as infrastructure for energy transition and circular economy 
  • New Zealand Health Partnerships (New Zealand) with our partner Acumen Consulting – building shared services to benefit the health sector, allowing more to be spent on our critical frontline services 
  • Orange Business Service (Slovakia), our EMARK’s direct customer – leading telco provider in Slovakia 

EMARK & Inphinity Internal newsletter nov 22 - EmarkanalyticsImogen Pickett
Marketing & Channel Director, Inphinity


Inphinity marketing is busier than ever and we are so pleased to be back doing in person events, three of which have been delivered already this quarter!! On top of this we have run some inspirational webinars with our partner network including one that centred around an ESG solution for energy efficiency with Cast Solutions in October and one upcoming webinar with Qlik APAC for healthcare. We have increased our web traffic considerably over the past year and are having great success using LI for targeted campaigns. We are also very proud to have launched the Inphinity Heroes Initiative to celebrate the people that are making a difference using Inphinity.Looking forward to 2023 I think Inphinity marketing will be involved in and organising lots of in person events with our partners, and we hope to be sponsors of QlikWorld. Exciting times and lots of opportunities are ahead of us 😊

EMARK & Inphinity Internal newsletter nov 22 - EmarkanalyticsMária Oreská
Chief Technology Officer, Inphinity


For me, the year 2022 proves that innovation is not just driven – it’s built on communication. Hearing the feedback, helping, and communicating what’s new from the inside out. But also discussing ideas internally, asking for help, or just asking a colleague how he/she or the family is. Those all are cornerstones of a company that can drive innovation – sustainably. Innovation that does not come from one person, but combines the best of many minds.

I’m very thankful we were able to find ways how to keep communicating despite the difficult times we live in. Externally, we organized and participated in 11 inspiring webinars with different partners, started to build a developers’ community, Inphinithusiasts, running the partner portal, and shared a lot of content. Internally, except for other things, we labeled our own meeting room and finally met in person! And the innovation? It came out of it. 😊

Look at the data – in the 3 major releases this year we’ve delivered 40 new features and 35 improvements across 3 products in Inphinity Suite (and one more is still coming). My top feature is custom buttons, a.k.a. actions! They open a whole new universe of possibilities and bring exponentially more value – from the technically simple info button for users, through an intuitive approval process embedded directly in the table up to whole business apps customers can build with them. Also, being a technical leader in Qlik SaaS write-back, all the features making the experience on SaaS better, faster, and more secure are worth mentioning.

Working with Qlik and Inphinity every single day makes me focused on the most advanced and challenging features. However, the most important innovation we shouldn’t forget about – the biggest value for most of the customers – is still the data entry for their Qlik apps. The “simple” thing with the superpower to make them never see Qlik the same way again.

EMARK & Inphinity Internal newsletter nov 22 - Emarkanalytics


EMARK & Inphinity Internal newsletter nov 22 - EmarkanalyticsMarianna Kostičová
Security Manager, EMARK Group

I would like to inform you that we are approaching the deadline for the certification of the information security management system with the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013, which will take place on 29.11.2022 and 30.11.2022.

The creation and use of this system has been requested by several enterprise clients and has also resulted from the current requirement of EMARK’s global growth.

We will certify the following companies that are part of the EMARK Group:

  1. EMARK s.r.o., Slovak Republic,
  2. EMARK s.r.o., Australia
  3. EMARK s.r.o., Czech Republic
  4. Inphinity s.r.o., Slovak Republic,
  5. Inphinity Limited, United Kingdom,

Maintaining the ISO standard is a commitment to us for the future to be a reliable partner for our clients. Thank you to everyone who helped me prepare for the audit.

If you have any questions on this topic please do not hesitate to email me at kosticova@emarkanalytics.com.

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