We have two Qlik Luminaries for Qlik Luminary Class 2020. Radovan Oreský, our Chief Solutions Officer and Partner and Juraj Mišina, Qlik Sense Data Architect are the heroes of the day (or actually of the month at least). This recognition goes to individuals with outstanding track records of continuous public advocacy of Qlik – willingness to share knowledge, community leadership, and a desire to make everyone they know in the Qlik ecosystem a huge success. Qlik Luminary badge does not come automatically, candidates must submit their own nomination which is to be considered.

What is Qlik Luminary program, you ask? It is an elite group of Qlik experts and enthusiasts. Both Juraj and Rado count among the TOP experts for years now. Luminaries are creme-de-la-creme of the Qlik world, the true masters of the technology.

Both our Luminaries will enjoy further professional and expert development, access to innovations and R&D, as well as Qlik’s product and support capacities. Find more information about the program HERE

Few fun facts about Qlik Luminary Class 2020:

  • 158 Luminaries from 26 countries
  • Juraj and Rado are only 2 representatives of our region
  • Just 6 Qlik Luminaries east of Germany (1x Austria, 2x Slovakia, 3x Russian Federation)
  • Only 11 companies around the world have more than 1 Qlik Luminary, EMARK is among them (also Delloite, HSBC Bank, Sterling National Bank, Siemens and some of the largest Qlik partners)
  • The highest number of Qlik Luminaries has UK (41), USA (33) and Germany (13)
  • EMARK has an equal number or more Luminaries than e.g. Finland, Norway, China/Hong Kong, Austria, Italy, Mexico, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands

Follow our Qlik Luminaries to get the latest news from the world of Data Analytics.

EMARK has now two Qlik Luminaries as one of the few companies in the world - Emarkanalytics


Radovan Oreský:

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/radovan-oresky-6a3ab620/

Twitter: twitter.com/RadovanOresky

Blog: blog.emarkanalytics.com/author/radovan-oresky/


EMARK has now two Qlik Luminaries as one of the few companies in the world - Emarkanalytics


Juraj Mišina:

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jurajmisina/

Twitter: twitter.com/jurajmisina

Blog: blog.emarkanalytics.com/author/juraj-misina/

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