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What makes Digital Transformation initiative successful?

Around 70% of digital transformation initiatives do not meet expectations, often because the necessary cultural changes in the company that were planned, don’t happen. Cultural change is a massive change of thinking in the company related to the introduction of innovative technologies that are widely accepted and meaningfully used by staff.


This webinar will present practical tools and approaches that will help you to start and steer digital transformation; what should you avoid in the process, and how to establish cultural change. Learn how to get the value from your data and empower people with insights. Join us for the advice and valuable real-world experiences that will navigate your digital initiatives to success. A webinar not to be missed by any executive who is serious about leveraging data in business.


The event will be led by Angeline Corvaglia, Digital Transformation Lead at EMARK Analytics, who will share her deep knowledge, skills, and experiences from huge digital transformation projects she led in Czechia, Slovakia, and other countries. This part of the presentation will be delivered in English language.


What will you learn?

How to get the max value from business data by empowering staff with technologies
How can digitalisation trigger unparalelled savings of time and money
Examples of how to significantly increase the likelihood of a successful digital transformation initiative through proactive management of the cultural change
Practical tools that can be used to manage the cultural change needed for digital transformation initiatives

What will you take away?

How to drive the cultural change correctly
Get motivated from leaders and walk away with new ideas you can implement
Get your way of thinking challenged by our experts
Learn that digitalisation does not have to be a nightmare nor do you have to complete a marathon to get results



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    COO & Digital Transformation Evangelist, EMARK Analytics

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    About EMARK Analytics

    EMARK is a data analytics and digital transformation advisory company, helping people to get more value from their data. Over the past 21 years, we have guided more than 200 businesses and enterprises around the world in building, adopting, and maintaining their data solutions. We deeply focus on proven technologies – Qlik, Snowflake, Inphinity, and others. Our drive and passion for data-driven solutions resulted in being officially named a Qlik Master Reseller in Slovakia, Czechia, and Hungary, and a Qlik Solutions Provider in Australia. Our team of more than 50 specialists loves to address every data challenge because we believe in data helping to drive better decisions. www.emarkanalytics.com

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    The recipe for success in today’s turbulent world is hidden in the data. They are growing at a rocket speed – with every transaction, every report, marketing campaign, or any other activity. Max effective financial management means using this data as thoroughly as possible. See how you can get super-fast insights from your data and navigate your business into safe harbor.

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