Organize and utilize your Qlik data on a whole new level

Qlik Catalog for QVDs (formerly Qlik Data Catalyst) will enable you to easily catalog and profile QVD files. By creating a fully searchable catalog, data consumers can find and select the QVDs they need without browsing the complex folder hierarchies or relying on file naming conventions. Offering includes simplified installation, administration, and focused functionality to accelerate the implementation of a solution that meets a common need of many Qlik customers.

In case you use QlikView or Qlik Sense extensively, on several departments, and have many users, it might be a challenge to navigate through a large amount of ever-changing Qlik data. It can be a serious effort to organize and optimize QVD files as well as difficult to find, understand, or provision QVDs across multiple Qlik applications and user communities.

Qlik Catalog for QVDs is a light version of regular Qlik Catalog that is specially focused on making QVD files easier to discover, understand and consume.

Data Catalog will help you avoid data swamps

The more you use Qlik, the more QVDs you have and after some time it might become a mess. This is the main reason why there is such demand for data cataloging. Data catalog provides an opportunity to actually manage the QVD files and see all the information it contains in one place. A catalog is the first step to your consumption layer.

Qlik Catalog for QVDs - Emarkanalytics
Qlik Catalog for QVDs - Emarkanalytics

Governance you can rely on

The governance gap means that the independent pipelines result in inconsistent access to Qlik data, its protection, and identification. Qlik Catalog for QVDs will help you to overcome this gap. In the real world it means that you will not expose information to anybody who is not authorized to see it. Bottoms-up governance includes automatic data discovery and tagging, column-level statistical profile and table authorization, and column protection.

10x+ faster data delivery

With Qlik Catalog we can address the backlog in data delivery. That is perhaps the greatest value that we bring the organizations. Having a standardized pipeline that has governance built-in and the standardized output format. And automatically put things into the catalog. We radically transform how fast organizations deliver data to their end consumer. Speed to data means speed to insight which means speed to market. If you talk to consumers of data, they are waiting for data.

Qlik Catalog for QVDs - Emarkanalytics

Benefits for business users

  • Anyone from the organization with respective rights can utilize ready-to-analyze Qlik data
  • Ability to find desired data as simple as in Google search
  • Business ready data – clean, timely, accessible, formatted and easily associated data accross the enterprise
  • Self-service analytics & democratization of analytics
  • Single source of truth and option to single access to the information
  • Thanks to governance GDPR/PII information are safe – no unauthorised accesses
  • Large amount of QVDs always under control

Benefits for IT

  • Business users will be able to find data themselves, that saves time and capacity on IT department
  • Consistent access to data, protection and identification.
  • It is governed and secure platform which enables to scale access of users and user groups according predefined rules.
  • Conversion of data to modern formats
  • Radically faster data delivery through streamlined standardized onboarding processing
  • Automated update of the catalogue – less manual action

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