BARC’s BI & Analytics Survey 23: Qlik HighlightsTop 10 Transformative

BARC’s BI & Analytics Survey is the world’s largest annual survey of BI & analytics software users. See why Qlik Sense® earned top rankings.

The best BI and Analytics solutions uncover answers hidden within your data and enable real-time insights that unify data silos and compel action in the business moment. Qlik Sense ® is among the best, offering innovative features and unmatched versatility to help you thrive.

This isn’t our first year earning top rankings from BARC’S survey participants, but we’re proud of another year of impressive results.

Users ranked Qlik Sense® #1 in top categories in its peer groups, including the critical KPIs of:

  • #1 in Performance Satisfaction in the peer group Embedded Analytics Focus
  • #1 in Dashboards in the peer group Analysis Focus
  • #1 in Project Length in the peer group Large/Enterprise-Wide Implementations

For more highlights, download your copy of The BI & Analytics Survey 23 by BARC now. Find out what sets Qlik apart from traditional BI vendors and how it delivers remarkable outcomes for analysts, business users, and decision-makers

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