SaaS Active Intelligence

Active Intelligence represents a new state of business intelligence where organizations can act in the moment, in real-time which builds on previous generations of business intelligence.

BI Continues to Evolve

From Analytics ready

< 20% Informed Action


  • No governed pipeline
  • Pre-configured reports
  • No action triggers

20 – 30% Informed Action


  • Limited real-time data
  • Visualization and dashboards
  • Limited alerting

30 – 50% Informed Action


  • Near real-time data
  • Augmented analytics
  • Alerting and collaboration

> 50% Informed Action


  • Real-time data pipeline
  • Action-oriented analytics
  • Automated event triggering

To Business Ready

Active Intelligence - SaaS - Emarkanalytics
Analytics ready

Business ready

Why SaaS
Lower total cost of ownership

Faster deployment speed
  • Completely web-based, no downloads or installs
  • 99% faster than on-premises deployment
Significant infrastructure savings
  • No hardware procurement required
  • Uses operational budget, not capital expenditure
Reduced risk
  • Rapid time to value with minimal deployment risk
  • No ongoing support for infrastructure issues

Intelligent Data Alerting
Take intelligent, timely action

Sophisticated alert criteria

  • Statistical evaluation of data against thresholds
  • Comparisons between measures
  • Condition and/or logic

Drill into dimension

  • Evaluate / trigger alerts based on individual dimension values


  • Alerts retain selection-state for further analysis in-context

Self-service and centralized alerting

Triggering on data reload or scheduled basis

Email, mobile, and web delivery

Qlik Sense Mobile
Enhanced SaaS capabilities for iOS and Android

Native, optimized user experience on handhelds and tablets

  • Single object mode for easy navigation
  • Intuitive selections bar at bottom
  • Mobile collection in hub

Fully interactive, associative exploration when no connection is available

  • Make selections to refine context
  • Search across all your data

Collaboration and sharing using device features

Integrated alerting with push notification

Best-in-class security and governance for data, applications, and users

Get answers to unforeseen questions in mobile environments, even without connectivity

Active Intelligence - SaaS - Emarkanalytics

Collaborative Notes
Add human perspective and drive discussion

  • Provide narrative and human context for analytics
  • Take snapshots and add text commentary
  • Dive directly from notes into live analytics, in-context, for further exploration
  • Tag and invite others to discussions, creating a collaborative canvas
  • Synchronous and asynchronous communication
  • Save and access notes within apps and in the hub
  • Add notes to collections

Self-Service Reporting
Scheduled email delivery of exported chart or sheet

  • Subscribe to chart or sheet (with selections applied)
  • Schedule delivery of charts or sheets containing data of interest for yourself or others
  • Received through email in portable file format (PDF)
  • Email contains embedded snapshot of visualizations and links back to Qlik Sense
  • Manage subscriptions in the hub

From Passive to Active Analytics
Capture the Business Moment

Inform the Decision

Unique Analytics Engine
(Context from your data)

Collaboration & Notes
(Context from people)

Extension and Integration
(Analytics from other systems)

Beyond the Dashboard

Fully Interactive Mobility
(At the point of decision)

Search & Conversational Analytics
(In natural language)

Embedded Everywhere
(In other apps)

Trigger the Action

Intelligent Alerting
(Prompt people)

Application Automation
(Trigger events)

Real-Time Data Pipelines
(When data changes)

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