EMARK solutions for energy & utilities

Maximize assets, optimize supply chain, reduce costs. Improve supply-and-demand forecasts. Track leading indicators of energy business and adjust operations to changing market conditions. Control costs while maintaining health, safety, and environmental standards.

Explore how can energy & utility companies transform data into business results

Many businesses in the area of energy, utilities and distribution are still struggling to get value. To close that gap, you need a holistic strategy, otherwise transformation will be limited at best, and often fail. That strategy needs to encompass how you manage and surface data, employ analytics broadly and enable insights to drive actions. That is what we are investing in and innovating around in our approach to the 3rd generation of BI.

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Which processes in energy sector can we cover?

Executive management

Core energy business


Customer Energy Management

Digital Marketing

Risk Management

Smart metering


Human resources

Quality Management

Project Management

Information Technology

EMARK Solutions for Energy & Utilities - Emarkanalytics

Measure your success

Important insights into how bank and its components performs provide KPI metrics. We will help you to watch them. Monitor what’s contributing to your profit and what’s not. Strictly measured KPIs will provide you detailed and always handy overview on performance of your business, your branches, departments, employees, brokers, products, customer groups… See the direct link between particular elements of your business and revenue, so you can make flawless strategic decisions on everything you can think of.

What KPIs we can help you with?

Economic Performance Indicators

  • Transparency of Payments
  • Dividends Paid Plus Share Repurchases
  • Payroll and Benefits Suppliers
  • Capital Expenditures
  • Interest Paid
  • Assessing financial condition
  • Capital project efficiency
  • Capital spent
  • Operating Cash flow
  • Production Costs
  • Return on Capital Employed

Health, safety and environment impact

  • Spills; waste; emissions; recycling energy; resources use…
  • Workforce health; employee participation; injuries; illness; health risks
  • Attendance and completion of safety training

Operational Key Performance Indicators

  • Leaks per X customers
  • Availability Factor
  • Energy Production Distribution
  • Physical performance
  • Performance Ratio
  • Operational performance
  • Power Cuts & Average Duration
  • Production of crude materials in barrels
  • Refining throughput
  • Product delivered or terminal throughput
  • Pipeline throughput
  • Motor fuel sales
  • Cargo transported

3 key shifts enabling the innovative data analytics solutions in energy sector

Democratization of Data

EMARK Solutions for Energy & Utilities - Emarkanalytics

All data, and any combination of data, is accessible to all users through governed, analytics-ready, enterprise-wide info catalogs

Augmented Intelligence

EMARK Solutions for Energy & Utilities - Emarkanalytics

Raising data literacy through technology. AI and machine learning find and highlight new insights for users, increasing data literacy and trust

BI embedded Everywhere

EMARK Solutions for Energy & Utilities - Emarkanalytics

From the edge to the C-suite. Analytics is no longer a destination but a part of all decision making, entering daily business processes

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