Inphinity Mole:
Mole Data Privacy Analytics

Do you want to minimize the risks and fines associated with data privacy regulations? Mole Data Privacy Analytics will help you in your compliance initiatives. And far beyond.

Inphinity Mole Enterprise ready features and security

Unstructured data will not hide

Identify PII and sensitive data in structured and unstructured sources (office documents, pictures, scans, emails…)

Country - specific localization

PII data analysis without borders. Mole Data Privacy Analytics knows your local specifics.

Data - privacy categorization

Assessment of documents with respect to their relevance to data privacy regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, Data Privacy Act…

Never get lost in data

Find all documents related to a particular person (e.g. employee, customer, partner…) on one click.

Self - service analytics

Run your own, customized data analysis of unstructured data, browse the file content, full-text search for entities, keywords.

Mole Data
Privacy Analytics

Do you want to minimize the risks and fines associated with data privacy regulations? Mole Data Privacy Analytics will help you in your compliance initiatives. And far beyond.


Imagine a world where you could…


Automatically identify all PII and sensitive data in all documents on your server or user stations, regardless of whether they are structured in a database or unstructured in files or even emails.


Find out where they are located, who has access to them, who is the author, when were they created or modified and review all other metadata and all file content.


Besides this, find duplicate files and save system resources.


Or did anyone send an email with sensitive data? Find out and take action.


Built on the Qlik Sense platform with the sophisticated technology in the background. Mole adapts to your requirements and needs.

Find answers to these questions

Data Privacy semantic analysis

What PII, personal data or sensitive data do we have?

Where are they stored?

Who has access to them?

Metadata and content analysis

What data and content do we have and what lies in our documents

Do we use our servers, disks or data storages efficiently?

How many duplicate files do we have?

What old files do we have on our servers?

Answer any questions within or beyond data privacy related to the file content

File analysis
Get access to content, metadata and access rights.

Mole reads file content, metadata, user access rights and authorisation details. Metadata include file type, date of creation or modification, owner, authors… File types include MS Office documents (.doc, .docx, .pdf, .ppt, .xls, .xlsx…), Open Office (.odc, .odm, .ods, .odw), pictures (.jpg, .tiff, .png…), text formats (.txt, HTML, .csv…) or IMAP mail server for emails.

Semantic analysis
Automatically identify and categorize PII, personal and sensitive data.

With predefined algorithms, Mole understands e-mails, names, cities, postcode/ZIP, ID cards no., driving license no., passport, credit cards, IP addresses… You can also create your own algorithms, specific for your business or country.

Analytical dashboard
Deep insight into all PII relevant content.

On one click, explore sensitive files, permissions, access and authorization, metadata, duplicates and resource efficiency, full-text search through the file content including frequency and position analysis. With the built-in identity management, you can easily identify files containing data about particular people, companies or other entities. Feel free to create custom ad-hoc analysis leveraging the power of the Mole.

Innovative technologies

Mole is built on Qlik Sense, a breakthrough business intelligence platform, and makes use of its sophisticated associative data engine (N:N relations).
It is ready to process large volumes of data and uses deep learning algorithms. Qlik Smart Search functionality lets you quickly search across resources and visualizations.
Heart of the solution is Mole Unstructured Data Connector which is responsible for loading of content and metadata from unstructured sources.

Mole overview of features

File analysis

Architecture mapping


  • Format
  • Creation Date
  • Modification Date
  • Owner, Authors
  • …and many more


  • Words frequency analysis
  • Word position analysis
  • Qlik smartsearch

Accesses and permissions

  • Read/write permissions
  • Owner/Author of the document

Semantic analysis

Identification and categorization of data privacy regulations relevant data

Pre-built algorithms

  • E-mail addresses
  • Names, Cities
  • Country-specific rules (USA, GB, AUS, SK, CZ, HU)
  • ID card no., driving license no., passport no.
  • License plate no.
  • Dates of birth
  • Phone numbers
  • Credit cards
  • IP addresses

Custom algorithms

  • Custom algorithms can be defined in a customization file

Analytical dashboard

A single overview of all analyzed data sources

Ready – made analysis

  • Data privacy regulations related content analysis
  • Frequency and position analysis
  • Descriptive metadata analysis by different categories
  • Duplicate / effective resource use analysis
  • Access and authorizations analysis

Custom ad-hoc analysis

  • Qlik Sense self-service capability

your business

Risk reduction related to sensitive data

  • customer base and brand protection
  • financial protection against fines and legal actions in relation to the use of sensitive data
  • reduced risk of high data privacy regulations breach related fines (e.g. up to 4% of global turnover under GDPR)


Significant impact on KPIs due to the power of unstructured data analysis

  • unstructured data analysis across all functional areas – HR, marketing, sales, finance, operations
  • fraud analysis, evidence analysis, communication and documents content analysis
  • use in all areas – financial services, manufacturing, commerce, public administration, healthcare…


Better document management efficiency

  • significant savings in system resources by reducing duplicate documents

Jaroslav Horky, User Support Manager/ ISM, DM DrogerieMarkt

With the advent of the GDPR, we were not sure how to handle our document storage. The question was how to effectively manage 2.5 TB of data in various formats, predominantly in MS Office formats, and to make sense of our bundled folders with respect to personal data protection.

We searched for a tool that would reliably identify sensitive data in the files, keep track of access rights, and regularly remove old or duplicate documents. We chose Mole. In conjunction with Qlik Sense, it is a useful tool that helps us control and manage sensitive data at our disposal.

Do you believe that data can help you to make better business decisions? Let us know.

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