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Cashflow on one screen, on one dashboard

Cashflow Analytics is the easiest way how you can get a full grasp of your cash-flow. You pay as much as for dinner and install it as quick as you drink your coffee. Try it now for FREE. You can find it on, the first online app store with data analytic solutions.

We created the Cashflow Analytics app for everyone who lacks analytical intel on in/out-coming cash. The more data (invoices) you throw into it the better projection into the future you’ll have. Powered by Qlik’s Associative Index, it provides true data discovery, practically inphinite number of possible views and “gray” insights – letting you to find value in related as well as unrelated data

Cash Flow Analytics App - Emarkanalytics

How can this app help your business?

Unique features

Cash Flow Analytics App - Emarkanalytics

Customizable invoice ageing categories and expected payment date

Cash Flow Analytics App - Emarkanalytics

Invoice balance and cash flow timelines

Cash Flow Analytics App - Emarkanalytics

As many additional views as you need

Cash Flow Analytics App - Emarkanalytics

Data quality evaluation



key KPIs, dimensions, relationships and timelines on a single page

Cash What-if

calculates cash balance and the impact of excluding particular invoices

Additional Info

analytics using additional fields (not required) in order to get deeper insight into cash flow and invoices

Drill-down and ad-hoc report

for everyone who likes to see the numbers


check or search the invoice definition and status

Data Quality

uncover issues with your data – bad dates, missing values etc.

PLUS create your own sheets and objects

from Master Item Measures and Dimensions

AND share them with your team

in the app’s Community

Measures, Dimensions and KPIs

Basic measures

invoice count, invoice / due / paid amount, due ratio, days past due

Projection measures

cashflow, balance (breakdown by source to ARs, APs, expenditures and sales orders)

Invoice dimensions

ID, source, type, partner, reference number, description, partner, invoice, due and last payment dates

Calculated dimensions

ageing category, payment status, open and overdue flags, max payment, general and cashflow dates

Time dimensions

year, month, month year, week year, date

Drill dimensions

partner to invoice ID, product category to name, invoice number drill

Typical Use Cases

Everything about your receivables at one dashboard

With one click filter all overdue payables and receivables. Instantly see the actual situation – all served on one plate, at one dashboard. Now, let’s have a look at receivables. Quickly find out the due date of your account receivables. At a first look you will see if your customers are paying you on time or how long are they being overdue and how it will affect your ability to pay your dues. See who is your biggest debtor, who owes you the most or who has the longest delays in payments. Or who constantly needs to be reminded.

You can filter all your unpaid invoices. See everything on one clear dashboard depicting the ratio of unpaid receivables and invoices – in just as little as 2 clicks.

Or, eventually, see where you can expect payment problems and when. In just a few clicks visualize all your invoices past due.

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Payables under control

You can use this app the same way to see where do you stand with your payables. Identify all your payables within the last 15 days or a quarter in 3 seconds. Instantly find particular partners and respective invoices. You will immediately see how long are they overdue and the exact amounts. Here you can also see how much you already paid, how much is to be paid. You can even break it down to particular invoices. Now you can process the payment and also analyze why it happens – to avoid it occurring again.

Check your actual and future liquidity here – see your payables and receivables at one chart. You will clearly see where you are heading, who you need to pay asap and which customers you need to rush. You can also easily calculate whether you need

Predict your cash flow

Select particular time intervals to monitor how cashflow developed throughout time. See prediction based on historical data, how will cashflow develop based on the actual situation with receivables and payables. I can too have a look at selected customer, supplier or partner and watch how the invoicing went. Based on historical data I can draw expectations to the future.

You can see geographical distribution, currencies what are invoices issued in, insight through receivables, payables or costs. At first look, you can identify outliers, values that are defying trends. You can instantly click through to a deeper level of the detail, that will give you the power to analyze reasons, causes, and dependencies – all the way down to the level of particular invoices or costs themselves.

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Play Video

Model your own app in less than a minute

Do you need ad-hoc reports from time to time? Or rather all the time? Well, good news is that in Cashflow Analytics app you can create your own ad-hoc report. Customized report with selected dimensions and measures connected in table form – and it will not take you more than a minute. Do you want for example to see a particular partner, its name, title, selected invoiced volume with due volumes and also those what are overdue or those whose due date is almost here? No problem with that. And when you later decide you want to see also affected invoices, you simply look for another dimension – invoice ID and drag-and-drop it to the model. Now you get a whole picture.

Now, this is just an example, but similar way yo can get to any value you wish.

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