Smart Workforce Management: Typical Use Cases

Here you can find a few instances of use cases this solution can cover. Needless to say, there is whole universe of different use cases that can be addressed with it, even really specific ones.

Take a high-level look at your delivery

How many hours did we deliver in the last period? Find out easily which projects generated the most issues, which of them are Due soon or over-budget.

I can see that the Bank Reports are due today and we are highly over the budget. What kind of issues caused this? Were they critical, major or normal?

A closer look at delivery peak in June and July shows one major issue which has been fixed for more than half a year!

Let´s talk to the owner who worked the most on it.

What is urgent right now, and what can wait?

Usually, there are many projects to manage which are running simultaneously. Long term success is hidden in effective prioritization and appropriate recognition of the urgency. Project Urgency Index (UIX) evaluates which projects need managers’ attention and special care. In our case, there are almost 40(!) such projects – some of them are due soon with a remaining budget, some of them are almost run out of it with some important stuff to do. VIP Dashboards have issues that have not been touched yet. Is there any problem? Or have we missed something?

Put capacity planning and forecasting in action

Any analytics is truly useful only if it provides actionable insights. No doubts here. With Inphinity FORMS – the best writeback extension out there – we can forecast and plan employee capacity for an exact month.

Moreover, different issues require different skills and it causes different rates. How many billed workday employee has each month? What project is he going to work on? And how much is an appropriate rate?

HR Analytics: Put all Employee details at one place

HR is not just “resource management” anymore – a holistic approach is a new standard. Because of this, there is a strong need for seeing all employee details at the time. How long Emma work here? What kind of job she does and what is her seniority? Technical skills and hard skills – both are important. So where lie her strengths and where she needs to improve? Using Inphinity FORMS we can set this finding as goals immediately!

HR Analytics: Manage hiring process effectively

How many candidates have already applied for our Marketing role? What expectations do they have? One candidate seems to fit the salary budget we have for this role, but we don´t know anything about his language skills. We must check it before we move on in the process! Here you have everything in one place.

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