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Snowflake - A Cloud Data Platform - Emarkanalytics

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Snowflake - A Cloud Data Platform - Emarkanalytics

Jakákoli platforma

Volba cloudového poskytovatele dle vlastního výběru (AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud Platform)

Snowflake - A Cloud Data Platform - Emarkanalytics

Plná kontrola

Je na vás, zda povolíte i kritické datové operace

Snowflake - A Cloud Data Platform - Emarkanalytics

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Okamžité, pružné a téměř nekonečné škálování ve veřejných cloudech.

Snowflake - A Cloud Data Platform - Emarkanalytics

Bezpečnost & Soulad s předpisy

Chod Snowflake je v souladu s HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC 1 and SOC 2 Type 2 a má FedRAMP autorizaci.

Proč Snowflake?

Provádějte své nejvýznamnější pracovní operace ve víceclusterové sdílené datové architektuře Snowflake na plně řízené platformě, která využívá téměř neomezené zdroje cloudu.

Snowflake - A Cloud Data Platform - Emarkanalytics

eBook: The Definitive Guide to Snowflake

Unlock your data to power highly performant data applications and modern data analytics. Read O’Reilly’s comprehensive guide to learn the principles for success in Snowflake

Snowflake - A Cloud Data Platform - Emarkanalytics

Single, fully managed solution

Say goodbye to data silos created by legacy on-premises and cloud applications, so you can integrate and analyze data sets that were previously impossible to obtain. Store and access your structured, semistructured, and unstructured data in one location and gain seamless access to external data with similar scale and speed. Use Snowflake Marketplace to securely acquire 3rd-party data sets, tools and applications, and complementary data services—all without having to move or copy data. All the while, let Snowflake handle maintenance, administration, and a host of other automated services so you don’t have to—no knobs to turn, nothing to tweak.

Near-unlimited resources

Snowflake was built from the ground up for the cloud. It is not bound by the limitations of a legacy on-premises solution ported to the cloud. Its multi-cluster shared data architecture separates compute from storage, enabling customers to elastically scale, up and down, automatically or on the fly.

Users can apply dedicated compute clusters to each workload in near-unlimited quantities for virtually unlimited concurrency without contention. Once a workload is completed, compute is dialed back down so customers don’t have to pay for over-provisioned resources. All usage is billed by the second, and easily and transparently governed. Organizations can also meter usage to allocate costs to different departments.

Snowflake - A Cloud Data Platform - Emarkanalytics
Snowflake - A Cloud Data Platform - Emarkanalytics

Governed and secure collaboration

The Data Cloud enables an organization’s most critical workloads, including seamless data collaboration within an organization; across its business units; with its ecosystem of partners, suppliers, and customers; and between any combination of the thousands of Data Cloud customers and Snowflake Marketplace providers.

The opportunity to securely share and access governed data, tools, applications, other technologies, and data services– while preserving privacy– creates a near-endless combination of strategies and solutions to advance any organization’s business. Snowflake’s security and governance features were baked into the platform from day one, including end-to-end data encryption in transit and at rest.

Modern apps built on Snowflake

Choose from a number of options to build and run your modern applications in the Data Cloud. Snowflake enables any organization to create applications that capitalize on the data, architecture, and features inherent to the Data Cloud, and accelerate their development and go-to-market strategies through the Powered by Snowflake program.

Many choose to deploy connected apps, where data and code remain separate from each other. In this instance, the application provider maintains the application code while its customers apply the app to data that remains in their own Snowflake accounts. In addition, Snowflake’s new Unistore workload enables a modern approach to bringing together transactional and analytical data, to power new types of applications.

Snowflake - A Cloud Data Platform - Emarkanalytics
Snowflake - A Cloud Data Platform - Emarkanalytics

Putting customers first

Snowflake has grown rapidly over the past few years but our strong commitment to our loyal customer base remains. As of June 2022, our Net Promoter Score (NPS) was 72 —more than three times the industry average of 21 for technology providers.

Snowflake customers also help advance what’s possible in the Data Cloud, using it in ways that often inform our product roadmap. In addition, the ecosystem of the Data Cloud includes hundreds of Snowflake partners that offer applications, tools, data sets, services, and other complementary solutions that address use cases across a number of industries. Together, Snowflake and our partners help enable every customer to pursue their mission.

Pay only for what you use. By the second.
Quite literally

No extra costs

Turn compute resources on and off, so you only pay for what you use

Any platform

Choose cloud provider of choice (AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud Platform supported)

Safe and Compliant

Snowflake is HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC 1 and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant, and FedRAMP Authorized

Pricing depands on your cloud provider and selected server location. Find out more here:

Snowflake - A Cloud Data Platform - Emarkanalytics

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