Sales Analytics – Unlock your data
Get insights. Set actions. Cases

In current uncertain environment it is critical that all sales managers have all the insights they really need to more effectively drive productivity, grow revenue and reduce risk.

Super fast Insight for Sales

Today, more than ever, you need superfast insights to make fast decisions. Not in months or years. In days. Online.

Unlock your data with ready-to-use apps covering all key sales management processes – operationsstrategy and reportingKPIs including performance managementwhat-if scenario modelingplanning/forecasting. With drill down to any detail. Even beyond sales.

Our solutions will help you to accelerate time to insights from your data. Thanks to Qlik technology, you will be able to extend it any way you need. No lengthy projects with hidden traps. Just a few solid apps to help you understand and make quick decisions.



  • Connect data from all source systems
  • Create associative data model
  • Do any ad-hoc self-service analysis in Qlik


  • Ready-made apps & custom dashboards
  • Model, plan, set targets & alerts
  • Drill-down across all business areas


  • Consult with certified financial expert
  • Understand what your data tells you
  • Set the right strategy & actions
  • Monitor key KPIs

What will you get?

Effective Forecasting & Pipeline Management

Analytic Insights way beyond your CRM capabilities

Agile Product Performance Analysis

Improved Customer Experience

Groundbreaking change to planning with modeling

Sales Controlling Analytics

Solutions for Sales Controlling - Emarkanalytics

Sales Controlling Apps

EMARK Sales Controlling app

This demo app depicts a wine retail and distribution company focused on European markets. The app is built on Qlik technology and will help you radically cut down your time to insight. As the app is really flexible, you can address even your specific use cases.

Our solutions will help you to accelerate time to insights from your data. Thanks to Qlik technology, you will be able to extend it any way you need.

How can this app help your business?

  • Track sales performance and estimate end-of-year results
  • Identify drivers that decrease margins
  • Control the effect of discounts on sales and leakage
  • Model what-if scenarios to create business action plans
  • Check outstanding or overdue ARs

Go beyond insights to decisions and actions

When a solid data analytics merges with flexible write-back / data input, you’ll take controlling and performance management to a higher level. All your analytics and insights can seamlessly translate to business decisions and actions with comments, what-if scenarios, workflows, action plans and more. Seamless write-back extension for Qlik platform FORMS is a TED certified extension for Qlik, as well as a standalone web-based data input platform. It can be adjusted to any data write-back or collaboration scenario. Some of FORMS’ key features are:
  • Seamless Qlik self-service user experience
  • Unlimited number of use-cases and ways to design the data input flow
  • Enterprise level security and even offline use
  • Open developer API
  • Complete activity logging and audit trail

A few happy clients

Not sure if this solution will work with your data?

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We built data flows from Navision, SAP, NetSuite, Spin, Helios, Pohoda, and many many other ERPs in the past. Whatever data sources you have we can handle them… Or will be happy for you to prove us wrong 😉

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