Data Science and Advanced Analytics

How we transform data to high-value assets

Get the fast lane pass to the world of Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics offers you to significantly expand the potential of your data and enables you to get the results beyond the possibilities of conventional analytics. 

It supports a number of use cases such as sales forecastingfraud detectioninventory optimizationmarket basket analysispricing optimizationIoT and Industry 4.0 and many more.

Many organizations are nowadays making significant investments in data science and advanced analytics. However, a large percentage of these companies are not seeing the value of these investments realized widely across their organizations. And here we come, helping our customers to avoid data science silos and rather create meaningful user-centric applications that bring added value. Read more and find out how we work and what can we offer you.

1 2 - Advanced Analytics

Self-service Analytics

2 2 - Advanced Analytics

Guided Analytics

3 2 - Advanced Analytics

Ad-hoc Analytics

4 - Advanced Analytics

Advanced Calculations

5 - Advanced Analytics

Statistical / Algorithmic

6 - Advanced Analytics

Modelling / Predictive

AA os - Advanced Analytics

Technologies we work with

rpython web - Advanced Analytics
  • Machine / Deep Learning
  • Ready-to-use Libraries
  • Tailor-made Data Science
  • Snowpark for Snowflake
  • SSE for Qlik
qlikweb - Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced Visual Analytics
  • Application Automation
  • Notification and Alerting
  • Standard Reporting
snowflakeweb - Advanced Analytics
  • Big Data Machine Learning
  • Cloud Data Warehouse
  • Insane Query Performance
  • Efficient Scalability
  • Secure Data Sharing
inphinityweb - Advanced Analytics
  • Workflows

  • Expert Estimates

  • Actionable Analytics

  • Enterprise Security and Governance

tangentweb - Advanced Analytics
  • Time-series Instant ML

  • Forecasting

  • Anomaly Detection

  • 15-55 % Better Accuracy

  • 100-250x Faster vs AutoML

Our references

NBS new logo - Advanced Analytics
Automation of data collection, cleansing and using ARIMA for anomaly detection.
UCL 150x150 new - Advanced Analytics
Regression model for residual value prediction based on web and portfolio data.
ESET 150x67 - Advanced Analytics
Monthly forecasting of multiple product categories, each with a different method, in multiple scenarios, for 100+ partners globally.

Local Retail Bank
Logistic regression model for loan application scoring.

Telco Company
Prototype for outlier identification and regression model for costs estimate on IoT sensor data.

100+ Qlik Customers
Data cleansing, native planning, categorization by business metrics, descriptive statistics… all-around data end-to-end processing & analysis.

Get inspired with Data Science use-cases (interactive mashup)

Explore use-cases from any angle – select you Industry or start from Data area. Associative model will show which options are selected (green), possible (white), or not associated (gray).

But sometimes the gray areas hide some key insights 😉

Our Delivery Approaches

Proof of Concept as a first step

Rapid prototyping. One of our core values. We want to show = prove that our solutions have great potential value and high ROI as soon as possible. After PoC, you decide how you would like to cooperate further. Options below are just the most common.

Project Leadership

Agile project management and consulting
Understanding processes, data sources and key indicators
  • processing scripts
  • data layers
Creating Advanced Analytics framework for designing and testing algorithms
  • Analytic connections (SSE)
  • Create or re-use R / Phyton scripts
Designing data model(s)
Training and enablement
  • App User
  • App Designer (incl. AA functions)
  • Data Developer (incl. SSE)


Understanding processes, data sources and key indicators
  • processing scripts
  • data layers
Training and enablement
  • App User
  • App Designer (incl. AA functions)
  • Data Developer (incl. SSE)


Training and enablement
  • App User
  • App Designer (incl. AA functions)
  • Data Developer (incl. SSE)

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