Top 12 transformative insights every financial institution should pursue

TOP 12 transformative insights in Financial Services

As the digital revolution in financial services accelerates, leading firms are gaining a competitive advantage by leveraging their most strategic resource: data. With modern analytic tools, financial services firms are linking disparate data sources and empowering departments with self-service to uncover actionable insights.

By now, 15 financial institutions in Slovakia and Czechia are relying on our data analytics solutions based on Qlik platform. We have summarized a dozen of solutions for particular use cases financial institutions frequently need.

What are the insights?

Sales Performance

Every advisor can tap into customer, product, and market data to find just the right offers to make.

Profitability Attribution

Linking sales data to a P&L statement is essential when measuring profitability.

Loan Portfolio Performance

Analytic app shows the concentration of risk within a consumer credit book.

Credit Pipeline Forecasting

Drilling into your pipeline could be easy, allowing you to focus on the region, team or product that matters the most to you.

Branch Performance

Measure and analyze the relative performance of field sales teams.

New-Business Volume & Pricing

Uses machine-generated narratives to comment on credit distributions.

Limits & Exposures

Looks for underutilized credit in the commercial banking book.

Scenario Modeling & Stress Testing

Use smart data compression to create a heat map of a massive scatter diagram with millions of data points.

Counterparty Credit Risk & CVA

Have a clear view of CVA attribution against the trading book of a large investment bank.

Claims Supplier Management & Analytics

Oversee loss ratios within a specific region, ratio trends over time, and underlying risk factors.

Regulatory Submissions

See how detailed regulatory data can be compiled, analyzed and reconciled before submission to the relevant authority.

Underwriting & Pricing Rating Factor Analysis

Have full control over historic claims factors that need to be considered as part of underwriting and pricing analysis.

Foresee your clients’ needs – and offer the right product at the right moment.

1. Sales Performance at Financial institutions

Can you prove safe storage of your data? By law (security and privacy by default) you should. We can help you with that. We have several analytical applications and dashboards developed in cooperation with network security specialists, DLPs, or user and administrator accounts.

Compare apples to apples – and know who’s really driving the cart.

2. Profitability Attribution

Can you prove safe storage of your data? By law (security and privacy by default) you should. We can help you with that. We have several analytical applications and dashboards developed in cooperation with network security specialists, DLPs, or user and administrator accounts.

Gain visibility into how you’re doing – and what needs to be done.

3. Loan Portfolio Performance

To get an accurate, complete, and timely view of your loan and leasing portfolio performance, you need a solution that consolidates disparate data sets: yield, cost of funds, delinquencies, chargeoffs, and associated capital. Our solutions does exactly that, providing a complete picture that generates actionable insights in every department.

See what’s coming down the road – and be positioned to act on it.

4. Credit Pipeline Forecasting

The traditional methods of managing a credit portfolio – using static spreadsheets, operating in silos, and making “gut” decisions – just can’t stand up to the speed and complexity of today’s data landscape. Qlik integrates all the data necessary from origination, credit, and pricing sources, so you can much more easily and efficiently monitor credit quality, identify trends, and perfect pipeline forecasting.

Uncover the secrets of success – and reproduce them throughout your business.

5. Branch Performance

Success breeds success. That’s why it’s so important to explore why certain branches and agents do well – and then use those insights to model winning practices and develop training. Our solutions gives you that ability. You can examine referrals by teller staff, gauge marketing effectiveness, and use client data to position products.

Know what’s coming in – and how it’s impacting you.

6. New-business Volume & Pricing

Analyzing new-business volume and lifetime profitability is essential. But the only way for your analysis to be truly effective is to take a riskadjusted view that includes funds transfer pricing, credit loss, expense allocations, and economic and regulatory capital. With this capability you can optimize price performance, growth, and profitability.

Gain virtually unlimited visibility in a rigid trading and credit environment.

7. Limits & Exposures for financial institutions

For years, a lack of complete, timely data made it impossible to effectively manage limits and exposures in trading and credit books. Today, there’s Qlik. Its associative model connects every data point in your organization with every other data point – giving you the visibility you need to reduce concentration risk, heighten hedging accuracy, and manage counterparty exposure.

Remove some of the stress from stress testing.

8. Scenario Modeling & Stress Testing

Complying with Basel III, Dodd-Frank, and other measures can be arduous – but we can make it easier than ever. Our platform aggregates myriad data sources and compares thousands of test results, reducing the time for defining and building the test from months to weeks. You can run tests on-demand in mere hours.

Identify threats in real time – to counter risk from diverse sources.

9. Counterparty Credit Risk & CVA

It’s never been more important to manage the risk of counterparties failing to make good on contracts. With our solutions, you can model counterparty exposure to emerging threats, either on a single name or portfolio basis, from geopolitical turmoil to industries in decline. View the evolution of a portfolio, identify risk, and modify CVA accordingly.

Take the mystery out of claims supplier performance – and save

10. Claim Supplier Management & Analytics

How can insurers reduce claims costs, both internally and externally, when they don’t know which claims suppliers provide the best value? We have the solution for you. With an application that pulls together diverse data on claims suppliers to reveal performance trends, insurers can negotiate better rates for themselves and their customers.

Achieve compliance goals through aggregation.

11. Regulatory Submissions

To meet the principles of BCBS239 with minimal errors, banks need to automate the aggregation of risk data. Our apps makes it possible by serving as a repository for the aggregated data, or performing the aggregation itself. As a result, banks are freed from expensive and time-consuming data warehousing.

Discover a new source of competitive edge.

12. Underwriting & Pricing Radint Factor Analysis

For property and casualty insurers, one question is paramount: How can you attract low-risk customers without stereotypical pricing? Qlik’s associative model enables underwriting analysts to more clearly understand the relationships among rating factors – leading to big improvements in pricing scorecards

You have the data. Now make it actionable

With the right data analytics solution, staff at every level – in every department – can uncover insights that drive competitive edge. By unpacking your KPIs and providing transparency into trends, concentrations, and anomalies, you can open the door to countless new opportunities – while mitigating emerging risks.

Our references among financial institutions

More than 2,500 financial services firms rely on Qlik to uncover insights that lead to transformation. In Slovakia and Czechia there is 15 banks, insurance and leasing companies using some, or all of these 12 high-impact solutions with our added value. Reach out to us if you would like hear their story or improve your insights.

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