Inphinity Flow for Qlik Sense

Process Performance beyond boundaries of Actionable Analytics

Process Performance that Pushes the Boundaries of Actionable Analytics

Inphinity Flow is a unique, pioneering Qlik native extension that will help you to visualize measure, and optimize processes in Qlik Sense. Explore Inphinity Flow now and discover the powerful combination of process visualization and Qlik’s associative engine.

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Inphinity Flow Process Performance Management in Qlik Sense

What makes Inphinity Flow Unique…


Processes are everywhere in an organisation and are key to unlocking intelligent decision making. Inphinity flow facilitates visualisation, exploration and comprehension of all processes in Qlik Sense. No more siloed data analysis.


Understanding processes within a company is a crucial part of data literacy. It enables employees to connect the data with activities and understand the real impact of their data-driven decisions. No more expensive and complex tools.


Empower employees and increase their value by enabling them to take actions where the data is, creating an environment where all actions have context. No more write-back without a workflow.

Unlocking the Opportunity

Processes are often ‘locked’ in a blizzard of source systems and informal practice. Inphinity Flow releases the untapped opportunity to visualise, measure, streamline, and improve business outcomes.

SIMPLE and FAST, process workflows can be created. Allowing you to collaborate issues, ideas and improvement opportunities across people, process and systems. Enhancing your ability to make informed decisions quickly to benefit all business outcomes.

An organisation’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Organisational Excellence

A journey of discovery, Inphinity Flow provides the intelligence to optimize your organizational processes and move you towards organizational excellence. Applicable across any industry, through billing, procurement, operations, and accounting.

Inphinity Flow supports a seamless governance and user experience ensuring that collaborating across controls and people has never been easier.

Inphinity makes it all simple through its Qlik native and secure approach.

Do you believe that data can help you to make better business decisions? Let us know.

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