Consolidate planning accross your organization

Enterprise planning is constantly challenged by so many factors. Huge volumes of ever-changing data, disparate systems and isolated data sources, organizational diversity, number of planners and of course standards, legislation, periods… Effective planning, budgeting or forecasting under these circumstances is a real deal. It costs huge amount of time and capacity of whole teams and there is of course big room for error. But there is one simple, unified solution for these challenges: Jedox.

Jedox software makes planning and Corporate Performance Management seamless – in every organization, on every device, wherever the data resides. Discover how Jedox can help optimize business processes, boost data quality, and slash planning cycles across your organization.

Enterprise planning

From the beginning till the end - strategy, projects, finance, trade, marketing, production, logistics, operation, human resources...

Save time

Time savings are remarkable. Plans will be evaluated immediately after they are entered. Manual consolidation of inputs and plans or chaotic Excel tables are a thing of the past!

Increase the effectiveness of plans

Higher acceptance rate of your plans goes hand in hand with the increased ability to act in case something fails. Plans are more reliable, the error rate is minimal.

Advanced planning

Preparation of plans, forecasts and budgets; top-down plan breakdowns; consolidation of bottom-up plans; collaboration; cascading planning system; versions and scenarios.

Learn what means simplified planning, analytics & reporting with Jedox in 198 seconds

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Integrated Business Planning vs spreadsheets

Planning based on historic data hidden in Excel sheets is a road to hell. Volume of data is quickly rising and expectations of business are more and more complex. „Analyzing“ in spreadsheets is no longer sustainable and can actually seriously harm your business. What business really needs is integrated approach when it comes to financial and operational plans. Only this will bring accurate results you can count on. CFOs and planners can thus align financial and strategic goals.

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Free movement of data. No borders across the enterprise

Jedox is a collaborative platform for enterprise planning, data analytics, and reporting. This helps align all departments and divisions to your corporate strategy and objectives. With Jedox, you can link financial targets to operational drivers and other day-to-day activities in each department. Business users can compare actual performance to plan data and drill down to the details to see ‘why’ it is happening. By combining performance monitoring with integrated business planning, your company stays agile and ready for action.

Integrated Planning With Jedox Delivers

  • Improved collaboration across the teams and entities in your organization
  • More accurate forecasts and what-if analytics
  • Faster insights to all stakeholders to align operational planning with strategic goals
  • Better, data-driven decisions based on high-level and detailed plan and actuals

  • Simpler planning that saves time and eliminates manual reconciliation
  • Greater process visibility and transparency that strengthens risk management
  • Single version of the truth backed by transparent methodologies and processes
  • Predictive analytics and planning (e.g. predictive revenue analysis), including integration of “R” language for statistical computing
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