Mole Data Privacy Analytics will help you discover your sensitive data

Mole Data Privacy Analytics is a search engine that can map and locate data across company’s systems. The app is based on the Qlik Sense platform and can create a unified, comprehensive and logical overview of all corporate documents and data – both in terms of content and access. Sophisticated background technology makes it easy to browse, monitor and analyze data regardless of their source.Mole Data Privacy Analytics - Emarkanalytics

Solution is designed to collect, sort and unify data – both structured and unstructured. Complex of parameterized logical algorithms notifies of the possible occurrence of sensitive and personal data in corporate resources. The app determines how efficiently you use your resources, and also analyzes the eligibility of user access to individual data sources, especially those that contain personal and sensitive data.

Key features of Mole Data Privacy Analytics

Analysis of data sources

Access and authorisations mapping

GDPR overview

Evaluating effective use

Fast and easy to use

Open solution

Mole Data Privacy Analytics is not a proprietary ``bundle`` solution. It is not limited to specific types of data sources and comes with wide-ranging parameterization options for content analyses. EMARK Mole can be extended using multiple special software add-ons – it is all up to your preferences and needs.

Mole Data Privacy Analytics - Emarkanalytics

Cutting edge technologies

Mole Data Privacy Analytics is built on the Qlik Sense's breakthrough BI tool and benefits from its sophisticated associate data model (N: N relations). It is ready to process large amount of data and employes deep learning algorithms. Qlik Smart Search functionality provides fast search across the sources and visualisations.

Mole Data Privacy Analytics - Emarkanalytics
Architecture mapping

File Analysis

Analysing metadata (format, date of creation or modification, owner, authors, number of tables/images); content (TXT, CSV, DOC, PDF, PPT, XLS, HTML, JPG, TIFF, frequency/positional analysis of words). Also providing analysis of access and authorizations.

Mole Data Privacy Analytics - Emarkanalytics
Identify and categorize GDPR relevant data

Semantic analysis

Analysing pre-defined rules (e-mail addresses, names, cities, ZIP codes, ID no., passport no., driving license no., vehicle registration no., birthdays, phone numbers, credit cards, IP addresses). Also provide analysis on defined algorithms (algorithms connected to a particular word).

Mole Data Privacy Analytics - Emarkanalytics
Final Analyses

Unified overview of analyzed data sources

Analysing pre-defined analyses (descriptive analysis of metadata resources, analysis of duplicates and resource efficiency analysis, access/ authorization analysis, frequency/position/GDPR content analysis). Also provides custom ad-hoc analyses.

Mole Data Privacy Analytics - Emarkanalytics

Use EMARK Mole everywhere where you work with sensitive data...

Sales and Management

Human Resources

Finance, accounting and wages



Logistics, Distribution, Supply Chain

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